DM2002061223:SAED:SPORT:BOXING:PERSONALITY:FEB1959 – The Life And Death Of King Kong – Ezekiel &aposKing Kong&apos Dlamini – King the heavy weight, the simple son of nature, confused by the roaring modern world. King Kong the love-killer, the self-killer. It is only two years since he drowned himself. But already he&aposs a legend – and an opera round his life is opening shortly in Johannesburg. The &aposSpice Smasher,&apos the &aposKing Marshal&apos – Mandlenkosi Dlamini if you want to be official – met his boyhood days in the district of Vryheid, Natal around the year 1925. He attended the Roman Catholic school for two years only. Only about fourteen, according to his brother he went to work in Vryheid in a farm. From there he went to Durban, but Durban was too quiet for this tall, Tarzan-youth. He took his exit from Durban off to the wild, stabbing, over-populated Johannesburg. He found his way to the sparring rooms at the Bantu Men&aposs Social Centre – a den for the hard hitting

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