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OFF-oFF THE (4th) WALL:  NEW SHOWS ANNOUNCED, 3/25-4/2, 2024  ·

Discovering the vibrant landscape of Off-Off Broadway reveals a tapestry of diverse narratives and artistic innovations that defy conventional norms. Here’s a glimpse into the upcoming performances that promise to captivate audiences with their unique storytelling and creative prowess.

Off and Off-Off Broadway Shows

    1.  Laura Benanti: Nobody Cares The Tony Award winner presents her own story, a comedic gem infused with original music created alongside Todd Almond. Directed by Annie Tippe, the show stars Laura Benanti alongside “Inner Demons” Barrie McLain and Chelsea Lee Williams. This captivating production delves into Benanti’s illustrious career, from her early days as an ingenue to her current status as a seasoned performer.

Catch this limited engagement from May 9 to June 2, 2024, spanning 18 performances only, at Audible’s Minetta Lane Theatre (18 Minetta Lane, New York City). Press inquiries are handled by Chris Boneau, Michelle Farabaugh, and Angela Yamarone of Audible Theater.

For those unable to attend in person, a recording of the live performance will be available globally on Audible as an Audible Original starting May 9, 2024–Michelle Farabaugh

  1. A Final Toast by Michele A Miller

The world premiere of “A Final Toast” by Michele A Miller, directed by Kathy Curtiss and presented by Renaissance Now Theatre & Film, unfolds at the Chain Theatre (312 West 36th Street, 3rd Floor New York, NY 10018) from May 10 to 26, 2024. This poignant comedy delves into the intricate dynamics of families dealing with mothers entering dementia, featuring a stellar cast including Jana Robbins as Blanche, Jolie Curtsinger as Ella, Diane J Findlay as Carol, and Sachi Parker as Alice.–Jonathan Slaff

  1. Issue #9 by Briana Bartenieff

Making its world premiere, “Issue #9” written and directed by Briana Bartenieff, with music composed by J.H. Greenwell, takes the stage at Theater for the New City (155 First Ave.) from April 4 to 21. This horror musical unfolds a tragic tale fueled by adolescent bullying and the obsession with unattainable beauty ideals, leading to revenge and family tragedy.–Jonathan Slaff

  1. The Miser by Molière (adapted by David Chambers)

Experience the re-imagined version of Molière’s “The Miser,” adapted by David Chambers and directed by Lucie Tiberghien. Presented by Molière in the Park, this comedic masterpiece is set at LeFrak Center in Brooklyn, from April 27 to May 19, 2024. Delve into the absurdities and timeless truths of Harpagon’s world, brilliantly portrayed by a talented cast including MaYaa Boateng, Alana Raquel Bowers, Francesca Faridany, Lisa Gorlitsky, Lakisha May, Daniel Pearce, and Calvin Leon Smith.David Gibbs

  1. Segal Center Spring 2024 Season

The Segal Center at CUNY Graduate Center presents a vibrant lineup for Spring 2024, featuring events, readings, film screenings, and discussions around theatre and performance.  Highlights include celebrations of Nobel laureate Elfriede Jelinek, The New Black Fest, Robert Lyons and the Ohio Theatre, Rasaboxes, Nehad Selaiha, Jon Fosse, Marvin Carlson, World Voices On Migration, and the Segal Center Film Festival.  All events are free and open to the public–Frank Hentschker 

  1. Works & Process Presents Experiments in Opera: The Lives and Dreams of Nikola Tesla

Join Works & Process for an evening of opera in development, “The Lives and Dreams of Nikola Tesla,” featuring Anthony Roth Costanzo. This event, held at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum’s Peter B. Lewis Theater (1071 Fifth Avenue, NY), offers a glimpse into the creation of this new opera by Phil Kline and Jim Jarmusch, exploring Tesla’s life and inventions in a post-apocalyptic New York City.

Tickets: $35 to Choose-What-You-Pay URL works and process ON Works & Process worksandprocess.orgMichelle Tabnick 

Be part of Off-off’s vibrant landscape!

(Gemini, Perplexity, and Chat GPT provided writing  for this article.)

OFF-oFF THE (4th) WALL:  NEW SHOWS ANNOUNCED, 3/12-3/22, 2024  ·

Discovering the vibrant landscape of Off-Off Broadway reveals a tapestry of diverse narratives and artistic innovations that defy conventional norms. Here’s a glimpse into the upcoming performances that promise to captivate audiences with their unique storytelling and creative prowess.

Off-Off Broadway Shows

  1. Orlando: A Rhapsody

Discover the enchanting narrative woven by Vinora Epp and Steven Epp in “Orlando: A Rhapsody.” This captivating drama, infused with elements of autobiography, feminist philosophy, movement, and music, draws inspiration from Virginia Woolf’s timeless novel “Orlando: A Biography.” Witness the transformative journey of a character spanning centuries and genders, portrayed by the talented father-daughter duo.

Experience “Orlando: A Rhapsody” from April 17 to 24 at The Tank (312 West 36th Street, New York, NY 10018). Tickets ranging from $20 to $40 are available at The Tank.  —Andrea Alton

  1. Stalker

Prepare to be spellbound by “Stalker,” an immersive blend of street magic, illusions, and mentalism crafted by Swedish magic duo Peter Brynolf and Jonas Ljung. Produced under the guidance of Penn & Teller and Lifeline Entertainment, this mesmerizing show promises an unforgettable journey culminating in a jaw-dropping finale.

Catch the magic starting April 1 at New World Stages (340 West 50th Street, New York, NY), with previews beginning March 18.  —Shane Marshall Brown, Jim Byk, Christian Heino

  1. Epidermis Circus

Step into the whimsical world of “Epidermis Circus,” a delightful adult puppetry cabaret created by Ingrid Hansen and Britt Small. Featuring mind-bending illusions, spicy humor, and creative vignettes crafted from household objects, this limited engagement promises a hilarious and unforgettable experience.

Don’t miss “Epidermis Circus” from March 20 to 24 at SoHo Playhouse (15 Vandam St, New York, NY). –David Gibbs

  1. Five: The Parody Musical

Indulge in laughter with “Five: The Parody Musical,” a musical comedy revue poking fun at the eccentricities of Donald Trump’s life. With witty book and lyrics by Shimmy Braun, Moshiel Newman Daphna, and catchy tunes by Billy Recce, this irreverent production at Theater 555 (555 W 42nd St, NYC) promises a satirical take on Trump’s world.

Experience the hilarity through April 21, with tickets ranging from $49 to $89 and a VIP “Mar-a-lago Package” option available. –Logan Metzler

  1. Experiments in Opera: The Lives and Dreams of Nikola Tesla as summoned by the Honorable Spirits of the Grand Gotham Hotel

Join the artistic exploration of Nikola Tesla’s life and dreams in a work-in-progress opera by Phil Kline and Jim Jarmusch. Delve into this unique experience on April 15 at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (1071 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10128), where history and artistry converge in a captivating narrative.  —Alexandra Shapiro

  1. Bettye and the Jockettes Spinning Records at the Holiday Inn

Transport yourself to 1956 with “Bettye and the Jockettes Spinning Records at the Holiday Inn,” a comedic escapade set against the backdrop of America’s first all-girl radio station. Witness the chaos and hilarity unfold from May 3 to 18 at the Gene Frankel Theatre (24 Bond Street, New York, NY 10012).  —Andrea Alton

  1. Rubber

Delve into the challenges faced by educators in “Rubber,” a gripping drama by Vinnie Nardiello. Set in a “rubber room” where teachers await uncertain futures, this production at Theater for the New City (151 First Ave., New York, NY) explores themes of resilience and the complexities of the education system.

Experience “Rubber” from April 4 to 21, with special discounted rates available for educators. —Vinnie Nardiello


Be part of Off-off’s vibrant landscape!

(Gemini, Perplexity, and Chat GPT provided writing  for this article.)



Walt Kelly’s Songs of the Pogo

Presented by Frank Farrell Productions – Ridgewood, New Jersey

WALT KELLY’S SONGS OF THE POGO recreates the hysterical, imaginative and wonderful world of cartoonist Walt Kelly. In this musical revue, suitable for the whole family, the writings, songs and comic strip stories are mixed with Kelly’s personal memoirs and a magazine interview with comic book creator Gil Kane. WALT KELLY’S SONGS OF THE POGO directed by Farrell will include Broadway performer Aisha de Hass and Danny Crawford as Walt.

Wed 4/10 at 6pm, Sat 4/13 at 9:50pm, Thu 4/18 at 7:40pm & Sun 4/21 at 1:30pm




Clown Bar 2

Presented by SparkPlug Productions – New York, NY

Written by Adam Szymkowicz, Directed by Andrew Block

Return to the scene of the crime for the highly-anticipated NYC premiere of CLOWN BAR 2, follow-up to the hit noir-thriller-comedy-NYT Critic’s Pick by Adam Szymkowicz. There’s been a murder at Clown Bar. Grab a drink and a seltzer-gun and follow two cops undercover to crack the case as you immerse yourself in the clown crime underworld at Parkside Lounge. 

Sun 4/14 at 2pm, Mon 4/15 at 7:30pm, Tue 4/16 at 7:30pm, Sat 4/20 at 3pm & 7:30pm & 

Sun 4/21 at 3pm at Parkside Lounge (317 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002)


The MOTH PROJECT – Music/Pictures/Words

Presented by The Moth Project – New York, NY

Written Peter Kiesewalter

David Attenborough meets Laurie Anderson in The MOTH PROJECT – Music/Pictures/Words, a show tracing the parallel journeys of a moth’s life cycle and one family’s migration to North America. Transformation, seduction, death/life – themes experienced in both the human and natural world – are explored with stunning visuals, live music, storytelling and science.  

Sat 4/6 & 4/13 at 7pm & 9pm at MCM Stages (253 West 28th St. 3rd floor, NYC, NY 10001


UNDER St. Marks


A Series of Wildfires

Presented by Deborah Harbin Productions – Lynchburg, VA

So, the fire of longing has set you ablaze. What will you do — smother it, or fan the licking flame until you burn to ash? In her religious youth, Deborah DeGeorge Harbin learned to combat the inner conflagration.  But in her one-woman show A Series of Wildfires, she confronts the firefighter within and — maybe — frees her inner arsonist.

Wed 4/3 at 6:30, Sun 4/7 at 3:40pm, Wed 4/10 at 9:50pm, Sat 4/13 at 8:40pm & Sun 4/14 at 2pm Livestreaming 


The Climate Fables: Debating Extinction & The Trash Garden

Written by Padraig Bond

Presented by The Torch Ensemble – New York, NY

THE CLIMATE FABLES is composed of two thought-provoking original plays that dive into the future of humanity amidst the challenges of climate change. DEBATING EXTINCTION a retelling of Rapunzel, audiences will be transported to the wasteland of New England, where a young couple grapples with the decision of whether to bring a child into a world, exploring the complex relationship between humanity and nature. THE TRASH GARDEN brings a comedic twist to the tale of Adam and Eve. The play explores the resilience of the human spirit in the face of ecological collapse.

Wed 4/3 at 8:10pm, Thu 4/4 at 9:50pm, Sat 4/6 at 10:20pm & Wed 4/10 at 6:30pm Livestreaming 



Written & Performed by Seán Griffin – Queens, NY

Solitary confinement is anything but quiet. Sammy scatters crumbs from his meals to bring out a mouse, who he named Marcelle, to talk to. All just to pass the time. Only, this mealtime, his Marcelle doesn’t show. An intimate play that examines the cruelty of solitary confinement, regardless the reason it’s issued, regardless the crime of the person.

Wed 4/3 at 9:50pm, Fri 4/12 at 8:10pm, Tue 4/16 at 8:10pm & Sat 4/20 at 5:20pm


Sonnets From a Sin-Eater

Written & Performed by Kara Hadden

Presented by La Trobe – Brooklyn, NY

K is a recent grad looking for fast cash and moral purity. Calgary is a d*kebaiting pop star of nepotistic origins. Sin-eating is a ritual older than Jesus. And SONNETS FROM A SIN-EATER is a multimedia solo play (with poems) about desire, absolution, and detoxifying diets. 

Thu 4/4 at 6:30pm, Tue 4/9 at 6:30pm, Mon 4/15 at 8:10pm & Fri 4/19 at 6:30pm Livestreaming 



Written & Performed by Luis Roberto Herrera – Sunrise, FL

In a world where injustice runs rampant – one man must step up to fight for those that can’t. Join him on his journey to become the superhero everyone needs, until he comes face to face with his greatest enemy… himself.

Thu 4/4 at 8:10pm, Sat 4/6 at 2pm, Sat 4/13 at 3:40pm, Sun 4/14 at 5:20pm & Wed 4/17 at 9:50pm Livestreaming 


A Little Less Than Kind

Written by & Performed by Gracie Rittenberg

Presented by Bluebird Theatre Company – New York, NY

A LITTLE LESS THAN KIND by Gracie Rittenberg is a genderbent adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Rittenberg stars as Hannah, the caustic bisexual heir to a Silicon Valley Tech Company. While ALLTK adapts HAMLET into the modern day, it also brings the laughs, skewering Shakespeare’s classic and the tech industry alike.

Fri 4/5 at 6pm, Sun 4/7 at 7pm, Fri 4/12 at 9:50pm, Tue 4/16 at 6pm & Sat 4/20 at 1:30pm



Drugs, Sex, and Reggaeton: A Colombian Comedy Adventure

Written by Alberto Botero – New York, NY

Drugs, Sex, and Reggaeton: A Colombian Comedy Adventure is a hilarious stand-up comedy show that takes audiences on a wild ride through the life adventures of a charismatic Colombian comedian. With uproarious tales and anecdotes, our comedian navigates the absurdity of relationships, the temptation of the nightlife, and the quirky cultural clashes, all while blending in the infectious rhythms of reggaeton. From family dynamics to Colombian idiosyncrasies, this side-splitting performance explores life’s highs and lows in the most entertaining way possible. Get ready for a rollercoaster of laughter, cultural insights, and unforgettable punchlines as we delve into the comedic world of a Colombian comedian living life to the fullest.

Fri 4/5 at 8:10pm, Tue 4/9 at 8:10pm, Sat 4/13 at 10:20pm, Thu 4/18 at 8:10pm & Sun 4/21 at 7pm Livestreaming 


Emil Amok: Lost NPR Host, Wiley Filipino, Vegan Trans-Dad

Written & Performed by Emil Guillermo  – San Francisco, CA

Emil Guillermo goes amok as he considers all things in a comic memoir solo show about his father’s colonized past, Harvard, NPR, being married to PETA, and his trans offspring.  “Emil Amok” is like John Leguizamo’s “Latin History for Dummies,” only more uniquely American Filipino. 

Fri 4/5 at 9:50pm, Mon 4/8 at 8:10pm, Sat 4/13 at 5:20pm, Fri 4/19 at 8:10pm & Sun 4/21 at 5:20pm


The Princess Strikes Back: One Woman’s Search for the Space Cowboy of her Dreams

Written & Performed by Victoria Montalbano – Chicago, IL

In 1997, 13-year-old Victoria Montalbano was introduced to her perfect man, Han Solo, and she’s been looking for him ever since. In this “powerhouse performance”, watch her grow from awkward theatre kid to professional out of work actress while swiping her way through a galaxy far, far away! “The force is strong with this fresh, funny celebration of fangirldom!”

Sat 4/6 at 3:40pm, Thu 4/11 at 9:50pm, Mon 4/15 at 6:30pm, Sat 4/20 at 8:40pm & Sun 4/21 at 3:40pm Livestreaming 


Joy Ride

Written & Performed by Meredith Brandt – New York, NY

Sticky cup holders. License plate bingo. And a whole lotta Meat Loaf. Join musical comedian Meredith Brandt as she shares stories from the backseat of her family’s 2006 Toyota Sienna, told entirely through song parodies inspired by the albums that were forever stuck in the minivan’s once-high-tech multi-disc CD player.

Sat 4/6 at 5:20pm, Thu 4/11 at 8:10pm, Sun 4/14 at 3:40pm & Sat 4/20 at 7pm


Death of a Dandelion

Written & Performed by JJ Ivey

Presented by Clementine Players – Brooklyn, NY

Experience the captivating tale of Mama Judy, a remarkable woman who defied age norms, told through the eyes of her grandchild, JJ Ivey. Join them on a heartfelt journey as Mama Judy’s resilience, humor, and nurturing spirit unfolds on stage, leaving you both laughing and moved by her story. Sat 4/6 at 7pm, Wed 4/10 at 8:10pm, Thu 4/18 at 6:30pm & Sun 4/21 at 2pm Livestreaming 


Please Let Me Save You

Written by Ariella Carmell & Kaiya Linkugel – Brooklyn, NY

“Repeat after me: I accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior. You’re not answering. Do you accept Him or not? Your soul is in danger. Are you there? Please let me save you.” An absurdist play about two young women navigating life and death with Jesus lurking in the background. 

Sat 4/6 at 8:40pm, Fri 4/12 at 6:30pm, Sat 4/13 at 2pm & Sat 4/20 at 3:40pm Livestreaming 


Fanatical Optimism

Written & Performed by Adam LeBow

Presented by Chalant Productions – New York, NY

Comic rant and heartfelt lament in which the author/performer looks at the state of the world and asks, “how did my generation let it get this way?”

Sun 4/7 at 2pm, Thu 4/11 at 6:30pm, Mon 4/15 at 9:50pm & Fri 4/19 at 9:50pm Livestreaming 


No Bones About It

Written & Performed by Matt Storrs – New York, NY

Matt Storrs has never loved anything more than his first love: dinosaurs. After romantic rejection in elementary school, Matt copes by starting a movement to advocate for his favorite dinosaur and get the governor of Arizona recalled. Years later, Matt revisits his obsession to see how healthy it really was. 

Sun 4/7 at 5:20pm, Mon 4/8 at 9:50pm, Wed 4/17 at 6:30pm, & Sat 4/20 at 10:20pm Livestreaming 


Dad Girl

Written & Performed by Emily Walsh – Astoria, NY

Emily Walsh doesn’t know if she wants kids, but given the choice she’d like to be the dad. Join Emily on her darkly hilarious journey navigating gender norms, societal expectations and if you can be the dad if you grew up without one. A must-see if you’ve ever been a child or thought about having one.

Mon 4/8 at 6:30pm, Sat 4/13 at 7pm, Wed 4/17 at 8:10pm & Thu 4/18 at 9:50pm Livestreaming 


The Wild Project


The Leading Lady Club: A Feminist (But Still Likable) Sketch Show

Presented by Leading Lady Creative and Guptanya Studios – New York, NY

Fresh off a critically acclaimed run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, you’re invited to join The Leading Lady Club! At this meeting, the women are sharing their experiences with dating apps, self-defense, workplace interactions, women’s health, assault, plus varying degrees of MANspreading, MANsplaining, and MANipulation. But don’t worry, they’ll do it all with humor and grace. Well…they’ll do their best! Imagine SNL-meets-the Barbie movie in this hilariously dark commentary on what it means to be a woman in the world today. Inspired by interviews with real women of different backgrounds, ages, races and experiences.

Wed 4/3 at 6pm, Sat 4/6 at 9:50pm, Thu 4/11 at 7:40pm & Sun 4/14 at 1:30pm Livestreaming 


Curry & Catharsis

Written & Performed by Azhar Bande-Ali

Presented by Needle Works – New York, NY

Being a 19-year-old salesperson at an Indian jewelry store in Atlanta is exactly as fun as it sounds. The joy ride ends when the family-owned business puts Azhar in his place. Come see how the curry is made and the catharsis it takes.

Wed 4/3 at 8:10pm, Sat 4/6 at 2:10pm, Wed 4/10 at 7:40pm & Fri 4/12 at 6pm Livestreaming 


Miss. Adventure

Written & Performed by Rachel Pallante – Austin, TX

What if Bette Midler and Jerry Garcia had a love child? Hop on the Magic Mushroom School Bus as one woman journeys down the Rabbit Hole and Over the Rainbow. In a multimedia ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ musical comedy experience. Can she survive Cult Leaders, Law Enforcement, and Bears? Oh My! You will choose her fate Live!

Wed 4/3 at 9:50pm, Thu 4/4 at 6pm, Sat 4/6 at 8:10pm, Sun 4/7 at 3:10pm & Mon 4/8 at 8:10pm Livestreaming 


The Importance of Being Anxious

Written & Performed by Hal Cantor

Presented by Made From Concentrate – Lake Worth Beach, FL

After getting raves in London and Los Angeles, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ANXIOUS brings the angst to where it belongs: New York City. Featuring the voice of Ricki Lake, ANXIOUS is Hal Cantor’s painfully hilarious coming-of-middle-age comedy about coming out late. With lots of gay sex. What’s not to love?

Thu 4/4 at 7:40pm, Fri 4/5 at 6pm, Wed 4/17 at 7:40pm, Thu 4/18 at 6pm & Sat 4/20 at 9:50pm Livestreaming 


David Rodwin: Miami Madness

Written & Performed by David Rodwin

Presented by Story Emporium – San Francisco, CA

David Rodwin shares a hysterical story about getting hired to write a musical about the history of Miami. To be staged on a boat. Owned by a Russian oligarch. Produced by a guy who sold timeshares. And shockingly… the endeavor unravels in spectacular fashion – like every real Miami story.
Thu 4/4 at 9:20pm, Sun 4/7 at 4:50pm, Tue 4/9 at 7:40pm, Sat 4/13 at 12pm & Sat 4/20 at 2:10pm


The House of Clytemnestra

Zoe Bloomfield – New York, NY

The Trojan War is over. Years after the sacrifice of her young daughter, it’s time for Queen Clytemnestra to face her grief, her ghosts, and her husband. Her other daughter Electra…is also there. An award winning play for a work in heightened language, using classical and modern text to examine the daily performances of women.

Fri 4/5 at 7:40pm, Mon 4/8 at 6pm, Sat 3/13 at 2:10pm & Tue 4/16 at 7:40pm Livestreaming 


Michael John Ciszewski: LOVEFOOL

Written & Performed by Michael John Ciszewski – Jersey City, NJ

LOVEFOOL is a deliciously silly solo comedy romp through flings, flirtations, and first loves that argues for falling head-over-heels through life. A *very* gay hour bridging stand-up and storytelling, LOVEFOOL has wooed critics and audiences, who call it “exactly the audacious celebration of queer love we need in this moment!”

Fri 4/5 at 9:50pm, Sat 4/6 at 12:30pm,, Sat 4/13 at 4:20pm & Mon 4/15 at 6pm


Brokeneck Girls: The Murder Ballad Musical

Written by Eve Blackwater – New York, NY

Brokeneck Girls: The Murder Ballad Musical is a dark comedy based on the tradition of violence against women in folk music and the true crimes that inspired it. The social commentary delivers fast-paced laughter while addressing issues of class, gender, race and power. Revenge, redemption, free will and conflict between good and evil unfold unexpectedly as three women bond over music, secrets and heartless survival instincts.

Sat 4/6 at 6pm, Wed 4/10 at 9:20pm, Sun 4/14 at 4:50pm & Fri 4/19 at 7:40pm Livestreaming



Written by Armando Chardiet, Yonatan Gutenmacher, Julia Rotgin & David Slarskey

Presented by Liquid Gold Productions – Philadelphia, PA

Golding’s kosher deli has fallen on hard times.  Isaac Golding, the heir apparent, sets out to save the family restaurant, aided by Mindy, the deli’s long-time Latina manager. Will they survive, or will their dreams go up in smoke? Come for the day-old tuna salad. Stay for the…SCHMALTZ!

Sun 4/7 at 1:30pm, Thu 4/11 at 6pm, Fri 4/12 at 9:50pm, Sat 4/13 at 8:10pm, Sat 4/20 at 6pm & Sun 4/21 at 3:10pm Livestreaming 


Stroke of Genius: Pantomime Masturbation Throughout Performing Arts History

Written by Vulva Va-Voom, Performed by Shane Mayforth

Presented by Boiled Horse Productions – Tampa, FL

This professor takes “jacking around” VERY seriously. Presenting Dr. Walter Winkworth-Pérez, academia’s foremost expert on Pantomime Masturbation theory and practicum. In this prestigious multimedia lecture series, he examines the artform’s evolution from Mesopotamia to the present day. This week’s syllabus examines the career of that unparalleled 1920s clown, The Spankin’ Shyster.

Sun 4/7 at 7pm, Mon 4/8 at 9:50pm, Sat 4/13 at 6pm, Tue 4/16 at 9:50pm & Wed 4/17 at 6pm



Written & Directed by Monica Piñeros – New York, NY

During the Covid-19 world pandemic New York state is paused and issues a stay at home order. A couple suddenly finds themselves  confined in their home with no other option than to face the cruel reality of their long unhappy marriage. Trapped by the situation, they find themselves constantly immersed in a never ending discussion that only confirms their deepening delirious state. The city outside is flooded with riots, looting and New York is the epicenter of the virus. The world seems to be falling to pieces with no way out. How long will they bear the unbearable? Tue 4/9 at 6pm, Thu 4/11 at 9:20pm, Sun 4/14 at 7pm & Sat 4/20 at 8:10pm


No f*cks given. None taken. All done.

Written & Performed by Pamela L Paek – Los Angeles, CA

Through a no-BS TED-esque talk, a professional curmudgeon will smack the audience with their unconscious assumptions that have them perpetuate harmful social norms. In 55 minutes, they’ll reckon with their complicity in humanity’s demise, chant profanities, and realize how math can prove anything. It’s like NYC everyday, but people will laugh.

Tue 4/9 at 9:50pm, Fri 4/12 at 7:40pm, Thu 4/18 at 9:20pm, Sat 4/20 at 4:20pm & Sun 4/21 at 4:50pm Livestreaming 


Walt Kelly’s Songs of the Pogo

Presented by Frank Farrell Productions – Ridgewood, New Jersey

WALT KELLY’S SONGS OF THE POGO recreates the hysterical, imaginative and wonderful world of cartoonist Walt Kelly. In this musical revue, suitable for the whole family, the writings, songs and comic strip stories are mixed with Kelly’s personal memoirs and a magazine interview with comic book creator Gil Kane. WALT KELLY’S SONGS OF THE POGO directed by Farrell will include Broadway performer Aisha de Hass and Danny Crawford as Walt.

Wed 4/10 at 6pm, Sat 4/13 at 9:50pm, Thu 4/18 at 7:40pm & Sun 4/21 at 1:30pm


A Little Bit Pregnant

Presented by Paper Dog Press – Montreal Quebec Canada

Sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll…. and a baby? The dramedy A Little Bit Pregnant gives audiences an intimate look at the highs and lows of four young people trying to adult. The play deals with all things pregnancy; including abortion, miscarriage, and IVF and the choices that arise from them.

Sun 4/14 at 3:10pm, Tue 4/16 at 6pm & Fri 4/19 at 6pm Livestreaming 


“LUCINE!” or “birdshit: a human concerto with string & void”

Written & Performed by Christian De Gré Cárdenas

Presented by Alkimia –  Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico

Luna’s daughter unapologetically reorchestrates her glorious phases as she approaches her final dawn. Offensively tamed yet tamed offensively. From the award-winning creators of “Acedia” and “Twisted Operettas” emerges a new “human concerto.” Oh Lucine, she was as cruel as she was kind.

Mon 4/15 at 8:10pm, Wed 4/17 at 9:20pm, Fri 4/19 at 9:50pm, Sat 4/20 at 12:30pm & Sun 4/21 at 7pm Livestreaming 


14Y Theater


Conversations with My Divorce Attorney

Written & Directed by Suzanne Bachner

Presented by JMTC Theatre – New York, NY

What if love is not enough? Conversations with My Divorce Attorney is a fast-paced 90-minute 2-hander about a heartbroken NYC playwright who strikes up a cross-country connection with her LA Divorce Attorney at the top of his game. A brutally funny dramatic comedy about love, loss and never letting go.

Wed 4/3 at 5:30pm, Tue 4/9 at 7:10pm, Thu 4/11 at 8:50pm, Mon 4/15 at 5:30pm & Fri 4/19 at 7:10pm Livestreaming 



Written & Performed by Jude Treder-Wolff

Presented by Lifestage, Inc. – Port Jefferson, NY

The pace of change is messing with our heads, and to psychotherapist, improviser and storyteller Jude Treder-Wolff, comedy is part of the cure. Through trying to understand her partner’s opposite approach to change, she frames a narrative about the impact of uncertainty and how improv can help us think faster.

Wed 4/3 at 7:40pm, Fri 4/5 at 9:20pm, Fri 4/12 at 5:30pm & Sat 4/13 at 12:30pm Livestreaming 


Mulan, and NOW

Written & Performed by Siqi Zhang

Presented by TBT Canvas Collective – Philadelphia PA

Meet Mulan, an average employee in today’s cutthroat corporate jungle at a leading cosmetics firm, whose life takes an extraordinary turn when she’s mystically transported to ancient battlefields. Here, she transforms into the legendary warrior whose name she shares. This isn’t just a play; it’s an interactive odyssey where the audience holds the power to navigate Mulan’s fate. Wed 4/3 at 9:20pm, Thu 4/4 at 5:30pm, Mon 4/8 at 9:20pm, Sat 4/13 at 2:10pm & Sun 4/21 at 7pm Livestreaming 


TransMasculine Cabaret, Starring Vulva Va-Voom

Presented by Vulva Va-Voom & Company – Tampa, FL

“TragiComic transgender-identifying true confessional” and “obscene, maniacal burlesque headliner” seem like incompatible elements…but this gritty song-and-dance nightclub comedian has combined stranger, stickier things onstage. Nine-time Fringe honoree Vulva Va-Voom asks of queer identity: “Who gets to define whether someone is a drag queen, king, or an in-between?” Hardships, meet hilarity.

Thu 4/4 at 7:10pm, Sun 4/7 at 1:30pm, Tue 4/9 at 5:30pm, Fri 4/12 at 9:20pm, Sat 4/13 at 9:50pm & Wed 4/17 at 7:10pm Livestreaming 


Lolo’s Boyfriend Show

Written & Performed by Lauren O’Brien – Beacon, NY

Lolo lands a dream-come-true European tour with her punk cabaret show. But when it gets canceled after just a few weeks, she’s forced to pack up her funky costumes and drag them back to her mom’s house in suburbia. Lolo thought she’d be famous and happily married by now. Her Psychic told her she would be. Instead, she doesn’t even have a job. A tempting invitation from The British Guy she met on tour could be her ticket to a happier life. He’s different. He takes showers. He hasn’t asked her for money. He didn’t bring a stripper on any of their dates. But his attempts to woo end up triggering a traumatic trip through boyfriends past. From The Yogi to The Texter to The Addict, Lolo’s penchant for attracting the bizarre really cuts her up. As she grapples with her ghosts, Lolo has a radical realization: maybe…just maybe…there’s a different path to happiness in this world.

Thu 4/4 at 8:50pm, Sat 4/6 at 2:10pm, Fri 4/12 at 7:10pm & Sun 4/21 at 4:50pm


Blocks of Sensation

Written by Kim Barke

Presented by Scientists and Poets and Time and Space Limited – Brooklyn, NY

Under the scalpel gaze of a poet and former scientist who studied addiction with funding from NIDA, Blocks of Sensation bushwacks into the tragic irony of mothering an adult addict 27 years after leaving the lab. This raw elegy, directed by Linda Mussmann, is an avant-garde, unflinching journey into the heart of human behavior and the meaning of truth. Witness the metamorphosis of shame into art.

Fri 4/5 at 5:30pm, Wed 4/10 at 8:50pm, Sun 4/14 at 3:10pm & Sat 4/20 at 8:10pm Livestreaming 


In Harmony

Presented by BY Productions – New York, NY

Awaken, explore, and transform. Repeat. After sold-out runs in 2021 and 2022, In Harmony is excited to return with its unique showcase of musical moments, rich vocal harmonies, spoken word, movement, and ensemble storytelling. Join us on a theatrical journey that celebrates community and explores what it means to be human.

Fri 4/5 at 7:10pm, Mon 4/8 at 5:30pm, Sat 4/13 at 6pm & Thu 4/18 at 8:50pm Livestreaming


The Fountain

Written & Directed by Tony Patryn

Presented by Patrynize Productions – New York, NY

Two strangers from different time periods become traveling companions when they find themselves lost in a giant labyrinth. While attempting to find a way out, they stumble upon a mysterious fountain being watched over by a stone guardian who promises them anything they wish…but for a price.

Sat 4/6 at 12:30pm, Wed 4/10 at 5:30pm, Sun 4/14 at 7pm & Sat 4/20 at 2:10pm Livestreaming 


Yoga for Billionaires: Do you want to be enlightened or just filthy rich?!

Written & Performed by Sara Raj – Toronto, Ontario

A yoga retreat where everything goes wrong.  Set in an Indian temple, this comedy pokes fun at what happens when eastern spirituality meets the American obsession with wealth. Created by South Asian stand up comic Sara Raj, the show is immersive, and only partially scripted.  Audience members can sit back in their chairs, or join on stage to participate in Billionaire yoga asanas, meditation, and mantra chanting sequences.

Sat 4/6 at 4:20pm, Tue 4/9 at 9:20pm, Sun 4/14 at 1:30pm & Tue 4/16 at 9:20pm


A Date With My Wild

Written & Performed by Alexandria Rengifo

Presented by Expression Sessions – Brooklyn, NY

This original one-woman storytelling show follows the protagonist, Alexandria Rengifo, as she struggles between her pure spiritual lifestyle and a growing desire for physical pleasure. Will she have the courage to trust? Join along on this bold, sexy journey that ultimately connects Alexandria back to her youngest, freest self.

Sat 4/6 at 6pm, Sun 4/14 at 4:50pm, Thu 4/18 at 7:10pm & Sat 4/20 at 12:30pm


Don’t Stop Believing: A Theatric Remix of the 1980s

Written & Performed by Torrey Shine – New York, NY

Dramatic comedy about “coming of age” in the 1980s, mashing hundreds of iconic 80s songs and movies into alternating dialogue and song (a la Moulin Rouge). Clever witty writing. Sassy theatric performance. Jam-packed with nostalgic Easter Eggs, this show explores themes of independence, love, and having faith in yourself.

Sat 4/6 at 8:10pm, Sat 4/13 at 4:20pm, Mon 4/15 at 9:20pm, Tue 4/16 at 7:10pm & Sat 4/20 at 6pm


A Drag is Born

Written & Performed by Edu Díaz – New York, NY

In a twist of fate, a man is thrust into the spotlight for his drag queen debut. With advanced age, abundant body hair, and limited talents, he might find out who he is. A Drag Is Born takes audiences on a whimsical journey blending clown, drag, and absurd.

Sat 4/6 at 9:50pm, Sat 4/13 at 8:10pm, Wed 4/17 at 8:50pm, Fri 4/19 at 9:20pm & Sat 4/20 at 4:20pm Livestreaming 


Too Much of a Good Thing

Written & Performed by Rachel Redleaf

Presented by RAR Entertainment – New York, NY

From barely qualifying for The Itty Bitty Titty Committee to being president of The Big Booby Brigade, join Rachel and her two breast friends on a journey of chestal development. Best known for portraying Mama Cass in Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and Beth in Netflix’s Atypical, Rachel’s over the top body and personality are on full display in this comedic extravaganza!

Sun 4/7 at 3:10pm, Thu 4/11 at 5:30pm, Wed 4/17 at 5:30pm & Sat 4/20 at 9:50pm


Flossy Follies

Presented by Queerly Femmetastic and Professor M – Brooklyn, NY

A provocative, artful showcase celebrating life, body autonomy, and glamor. Join us for an ELEMENTAL experience, as we explore the four aspects of astrology: earth, air, fire, and water. Flossy Follies centers performances at the intersection of Black and queer people within the art of striptease, live singing, circus arts, and more.

Sun 4/7 at 4:50pm, Thu 4/11 at 7:10pm, Thu 4/18 at 5:30pm & Fri 4/19 at 5:30pm Livestreaming


On Cats and Dogs and Other Family Revelations

Written & Performed by Ella Veres – New York, NY

On Cats and Dogs and Other Family Revelations wraps big ideas in focused stories about Ella Veres’ pets, as glimpses of her human family and life in her old country of Transylvania shine through like in a fan dance. With her dark humor and heart she hits all the emotional buttons. She expresses herself in such a whimsical and charming way that one could listen all day. Each performance will be a different iteration.

Mon 4/8 at 7:40pm, Mon 4/15 at 7:40pm, Tue 4/16 at 5:30pm & Sun 4/21 at 1:30pm Livestreaming 

We look forward to seeing you at the festival!
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Under star and director David Serero, the French musical The Ten Commandments, finally in English–based on the biblical story of Moses, an adopted Egyptian prince who becomes the deliverer of his true brethren, the enslaved Hebrews, by leading their Exodus–will  open Off-Broadway, MAY 5TH (3PM), 8TH (6PM – PREMIERE), 10TH AND 12TH (8PM), AND THE 15TH (6PM).  Along with Serero, as Moses, the cast of twelve includes theatre and operatic talents, including: DaShaun Williams (Ramses), Stephanie Craven (Sephora), Brooke Myers (Jochebed), Lisa Monde (Bithia), Cale Rausch (Joshua), Zachary Harris Martin (Aaron), Kristyn Vario (Myriam), Shane Patrick Watson and Julia Anne Cohen (Various roles and U/S).

WHERE: This limited engagement will be performed at the Center for Jewish History (15 West 16th Street, New York NY 10011)

TICKETS: Available on or 1.800.838.3006 for $26 and $36.

Serero is a critically acclaimed, award-winning opera singer, actor, director, and producer, who has performed more than 2,500 performances in more than 45 countries. He has directed and produced nearly 100 theatrical productions, starred in over 100 films and T.V. series, recorded and produced over 100 albums, and played more than 50 leads and title roles (in several languages) from opera, theatre, and musical repertoire. In New York, he starred Off-Broadway in iconic roles such as Shylock, Cyrano, Othello, Barabas, Yiddish King Lear, Don Giovanni, Figaro, Romeo, Nabucco, as well as in new works such as Napoleon by Kubrick, Queen Esther, and Anne Frank a Musical, among others. In his native Paris, he also starred as Don Quixote (Man of La Mancha) and Happy Mac (Beggar’s Holiday by Duke Ellington). He entered the prestigious Who’s Who America for demonstrating outstanding achievements in the entertainment world and for the betterment of contemporary society. In 2019, he received the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award, the Morocco Day Distinguished Achievement Award, the Trophy of the Culture of Morocco, and was named among the fifteen most influential Moroccans worldwide by Morocco’s airline Royal Air Maroc.

David is a member of the Recording Academy and the Television Academy and a voting member of both the Grammys and Emmys. In 2020, David Serero received the UNESCO Award for Diversity in Paris and became an Honorary Member of the United Nations of Arts and Science. In 2021, he won 4 Broadway World Awards for Best Performer of the decade, Best Producer of a Musical of the decade, Best Producer of a Play of the decade, Best Opera singer of the Year. He was awarded the Certificate of Recognition by the Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, for his contribution to the City’s dynamic cultural landscape, enriching the vibrant performing arts sector, and uplifted and inspired diverse New Yorkers. His first documentary film on fashion designer Elie Tahari won dozens of awards (including Best Director, Best Documentary, Best Producer) and received over 100 film festivals selections.


France’s The Ten Commandments, (Les Dix Commandements) announces its upcoming U.S premiere—and  releases its first single in English.
Almost 20 years after its opening, “The Ten Commandments” is coming to America and will be presented in English–below,  listen to the first single from the Cast Album,  created by the filmmaker Elie Chouraqui, with music by Pascal Obispo and lyrics by Lionel Florence and Patrice Guirao.  The show has already played to over 3 million spectators in Europe alone.

The revival recording and stage adaptation are the ideas of star baritone (playing Moses) and producer David Serero, who wrote the English language adaptation for American theatrical productions. The first single from the upcoming Cast Album Recording, titled “The Maximum Pain (La Peine Maximum),” has been released on all platforms. The first series of Off-Broadway performances will take place in May 2022 in New York.  Tickets and additional information will soon be available.

First presented in October 2000, the musical was an instant hit, equaling in success another famous French musical: Notre Dame de Paris. The musical carried such radio hits as “L’envie d’aimer,” performed by Daniel Levi. The shows original stars included Yael NaimAhmed Mouici, and more. Sonia Rykiel designed the original costumes, and Kamel Ouali  created the choreography.
Serero explains “I have carried this masterpiece in my heart since its first day of creation. This unique collaboration between two masters, Elie Chouraqui and Pascal Obispo, will forever remain in the history of French musicals. The original French lyrics were by Lionel Florence and Patrice Guirao.”   

Creator, Elie Chouraqui, comments: “I am thrilled and honored that my show, “Les Dix Commandements” (The Ten Commandments) with the gorgeous music by Pascal Obispo, has finally been adapted for New York, the capital of musicals. After playing it in France, Europe, and Asia, America is a lifetime achievement. I must thank David Serero for his enthusiasm, strength, and unquenchable desire to bring this musical to Broadway.”

Elie Chouraqui is a French filmmaker born in 1950. Among others, he is known for the films Ô Jerusalem,  Harrison’s Flower, starring Andie MacDowell, Adrien Brody, Gerard Butler, and Brendan GleesonMan on Fire with Joe Pesci, Scott Glenn, and Jonathan Price. And several French film classics starring iconic French actors, such as Jean-Hughes Anglade, Christophe Lambert, Richard Anconina, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and many more. 

Pascal Obispo is one of the most successful singer/songwriters in the genre of French pop, who released numerous commercial blockbuster albums, scored Top Ten hit singles with regularity, embarked on multiple sold-out concert tours, wrote songs for a musical of his own creation, and collaborated with a long list of French pop stars. The lead single of  The Ten Commandments, “L’envie d’aimer,” was also recorded in English by Celine Dion.

“The Maximum Pain” is performed by Lawrence Neals, with background vocals by Lisa Monde, Mackenzie Tank, and Kristyn Vario. English adaptation and production are by David Serero. The music is composed by Pascal Obispo, and the original French lyrics are written by Lionel Florence and Patrice Guirao.

The Maximum Pain is available to listen to on:



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The New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players, America’s Preeminent Gilbert & Sullivan Repertory Ensemble, Presents

The Mikado

Novel Production of Enduring Classic

At The Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College

December 27, 2019 through January 5, 2020

(New York, NY – November 25) Since its founding in 1974, the New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players (NYGASP) has presented more than 2,000 performances of the Gilbert & Sullivan masterpieces throughout the United States, Canada and England, captivating audiences of all ages. America’s preeminent Gilbert & Sullivan Repertory Ensemble, continues its 45th season with its novel production of The Mikado, one of the most enduring musicals in theatrical history.

With 8 family friendly performances after Christmas, this production, which premiered to critical acclaim in December of 2016, will run at The Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College, 68th Street between Park and Lexington Avenues, Dec. 27, 2019 through Jan. 5, 2020.  Annual favorite special events include multi-generational Bring Your Grandparents Day (Dec. 30 – with pre and post show attractions) and Family Overture presentations before Saturday matinées (Dec. 28, Jan. 4 – musical introduction and plot summary made entertaining and free to all ticket holders).

The New York Times describes this production of The Mikado as “a comic gem” with “handsome designs, sharp acting and impressive singing.”

First performed at London’s Savoy Theatre in 1885, The Mikado pokes fun at topical aspects of Victorian society, but Gilbert & Sullivan cleverly cloak their satirical barbs behind a charming love story set in an imagined town in Japan, and NYGASP continues the time honored tradition of topical updating for a modern audience.  You’re sure to recognize someone on the “Lord High Executioner’s” comical list of people who “never would be missed”.

The show abounds with absurdity and astounding wit, clever wordplay, memorable tunes and endearing characters.  The romantic love story follows Nanki-Poo, the son of the Mikado (the Japanese emperor), who has fled his father’s court in disguise as a “Wand’ring Minstrel” to avoid marrying Katisha, an elderly suitor, and to find and marry his own beloved, the delicious maiden Yum-Yum, one of “Three Little Maids From School”. Yum-Yum, however, is the ward of Ko-Ko, the “Lord High Executioner”, and has become betrothed to him against her will.  As usual in a Gilbert & Sullivan imaginative plot, the tangled web unravels and everyone (well, almost everyone) lives happily ever after.

The NYGASP production features an original prologue that introduces the audience to the real life characters of the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company, which originated The Mikado in 1885 London, and emphasizes the work’s satire of human foibles and excesses that transcend generational and national bounds.  The comic opera will feature original choreography and direction by NYGASP Associate Stage Director David Auxier, who also authored the show’s prologue, and Assistant Direction by Broadway performer/director Kelvin Moon Loh.

The show’s cast includes: dynamic bass David Wannen in the title role; clever patter man David Macaluso as Sullivan and Ko-Ko; blustering Matthew Wages as Richard D’Oyly Carte and pompous Pooh-Bah; creative David Auxier as author Gilbert and town leader Pish-Tush; charming John Charles McLaughlin as romantic hero Nanki-Poo, formidable Caitlin Burke as lovelorn and overbearing Katisha; beautiful soprano Sarah Caldwell Smith as self-aware Yum Yum; Rebecca Hargrove as maiden sister Peep-Bo, and mellifluous mezzo Amy Maude Helfer as adventurous Pitti-Sing.

The production will showcase scenery designed by Anshuman Bhatia, costumes by Quinto Ott and lighting by Benjamin Weill.  The Mikado is produced by NYGASP Executive Director David Wannen. 

NYGASP has been hailed as “the leading custodian of the G&S classics” by New York Magazine and has created its own special niche in the cultural mosaic of New York City and the nation.  According to the Company’s Founder/Artistic Director/General Manager Albert Bergeret, NYGASP’s mission is “giving vitality to the living legacy of Gilbert & Sullivan.” He further adds that “everyone loves The Mikado and our new production, with its celebrated premise of imagination, keeps the revered story alive and colorful.”  As for his own participation in the storied production Bergeret states “I’m delighted to once more be involved in elevating the humor and musical values of this evolving and very theatrical production, while alternating on the conductor’s podium with my colleague, Joseph Rubin, as part of NYGASP’s commitment to the future development of the Company”.


Friday, Dec. 27, 2019 — 7:30 PM

Saturday, Dec. 28, 2019 — 2 PM* & 7:30 PM

Sunday, Dec. 29, 2019 — 3 PM

Monday, Dec. 30, 2019 — 3 PM**

Saturday, Jan. 4, 2020 — 2 PM* & 7:30 PM

Sunday, Jan. 5, 2020 — 3 PM

*Family Overture – Sat., Dec. 28 & Sat., Jan 4, at 12:45 PM (prior to the 2PM show) – Musical introduction and plot summary made entertaining for the entire family. Free to all ticket holders.

**Bring Your Grandparents Day – Monday, Dec. 30, at 1:45 PM – Respect your elders with a pre-show Family Overture and a backstage tour after the performance.

Ticket Prices

Orchestra: $95

Balcony: $50

Rear Balcony: $25

*Please note there is no elevator to the balcony*

Special Discounts:  50% off for children 12 and under accompanied by an adult. 10% off for seniors 65 and older.

Order by Phone:  212-772-4448

Order Online:

Purchase in Person:  The Kaye Playhouse Box Office, 68thStreet between Park and Lexington Avenues. (Box Office Hours: Monday-Friday 12 PM-7PM)

Photo: Carol Rosegg


The Love Suicides at Sonezaki

U.S. production premiere

October 19–22, 2019 Rose Theater, Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Frederick P. Rose Hall

At the turn of 18th-century Japan, a clerk and a courtesan committed suicide in the forest of Tenjin. The Love Suicides at Sonezaki, a tragic play based upon these events, was banned after its 1703 premiere for more than two centuries. For this U.S. production premiere, renowned artist Hiroshi Sugimoto presents a bold, contemporary interpretation of the classic drama using bunraku puppet theater with music by Living National Treasure Seiji Tsurusawa and video by Tabaimo and Sugimoto. The puppets, imbued with life, captivate audiences with their lively movements rivaling the eloquence of actual human beings.

“Sugimoto breathed souls into the lifeless wooden puppets.”

– Le Monde






Adapted by Colin Teevan
From the book by Ryszard Kapuściński
Directed by Walter Meierjohann
Co-Produced by the Young Vic, HOME, and Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg

“A resonant and troubling metaphor for the great melancholy of power.” — The Guardian

Theatre for a New Audience (TFANA; Jeffrey Horowitz, Founding Artistic Director) kicks off its 2018-2019 season with the U.S. premiere of The Emperor, featuring virtuosic shape-shifting actor Kathryn Hunter and Ethiopian musician Temesgen Zeleke, founder of Krar Collective. Walter Meierjohann directs this parable about power in decline—an adaptation by Colin Teevan of Ryszard Kapuściński’s celebrated and controversial 1978 book of the same title, about the downfall of Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie. With two performers onstage,The Emperor explores political power by foregrounding the stories of those operating under it, from Selassie’s many servants (including his pillow-bearer, purse-bearer, and dog-urine wiper), to government bureaucrats, to students opposing Selassie’s rule. Performances of this co-production from the Young Vic, HOME, and Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg run September 9-30 at Polonsky Shakespeare Center (262 Ashland Place), TFANA’s home in the Brooklyn Cultural District.

The Emperor marks Hunter, Teevan and Meierjohann’s return to TFANA following their acclaimed Young Vic production of Kafka’s Monkey (based on Kafka’s “A Report to an Academy”), which came to TFANA in 2013. Once again, they present an engaging theatrical adaptation anchored by Kathryn Hunter’s riveting storytelling abilities.

Hunter—who has also played at TFANA as a memorable Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (directed by Julie Taymor) and in The Valley of Astonishment (directed by Peter Brook and Marie-Hélène Estienne)—is a remarkable artist. The first British actress to play King Lear in a professional production, she transforms to create the physical shapes and inner hearts of characters she plays—female, male, animal, or spirit. When the play made its world premiere at the Young Vic in 2016, the “tiny, nimble, crackle-voiced” Hunter was praised for “her particular mixture of gravity and irony” (The Guardian), and, in a tour-de-force performance of 10 characters in loyal service to the Emperor, for being “probably…genuinely the only performer alive who could possibly pull [her shows] off.” (Time Out) “Tremendous musician” (The Guardian) Temesgen Zeleke, a former student of legendary Ethiopian jazz artist Mulatu Astatke, was praised for “beautifully reinforc[ing] the shifts in mood with his krar and pedal-drum” (The Independent), and as an actor and singer embodying various aspects of insurgency.

Jeffrey HorowitzTFANA’s Founding Artistic Director, says, “The Emperor raises important issues that extend beyond the production. TFANA is presenting this extraordinary work of art in part as an invitation to our audiences to engage in the complex conversations that this parable of power elicits. Our hope is that the dialogue will be as illuminating as the artistry on stage.”

Kapuściński, who many considered a candidate for the Nobel Prize during his lifetime, cagily used The Emperor to illuminate corruption and avarice in his native country, communist Poland. Today, as adapted and performed by this acclaimed theatrical team, the material just as strongly illuminates our world’s continuing and disturbing fascination with despotism. A series of panels will contextualize the production and the questions it provokes, and will be held on September 15, 22, and 29.

The cast of The Emperor is Kathryn Hunter (Southwark Playhouse’s Cyrano de Bergerac; TFANA: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Young Vic’s Kafka’s Monkey) and Temesgen Zeleke (leader of Krar Collective). The creative team includes Walter Meierjohann, Director (HOME’s Artistic Director, Theatre; In the Red and Brown Water at the Young Vic, TFANA: The Young Vic’s Kafka’s Monkey); Colin Teevan, Adaptor (The Bee starring Kathryn Hunter, Duke of York’s Doctor Faustus, TFANA: The Young Vic’s Kafka’s Monkey); Ti Green, Design (RSC Swan’s Dido, Queen of Carthage, Watford Palace/Bolton Octogon’s I Capture the Castle); Imogen Knight, Movement (West End: The Birthday Party; Royal Court Theatre’sNuclear War, National Theatre’s AmadeusMike Gunning, Lighting (West End: Alice’s Adventures in WonderlandAlice’s Adventures Underground ); Paul Arditti, Sound (The Young Vic’s The Inheritance and The Jungle, National Theatre’s Macbeth); Louis Price, Video (HOME’s The Funfair, the Barbican’s Unleashed); Dave Price, Music (National Theatre’s From Morning to Midnight; Royal Shakespeare Company’s CymbelineA Soldier in Every Son); Kathryn Hunter, Creative Associate; and Cat Robey, Assistant Director.

Performance Schedule, Ticketing, and Other Information

Performances of The Emperor will take place in the evenings, September 9, 11-16, 18-21, 25-28, and October 2-5 at 7:30pm; matinees on September 22, 23, 29, 30, and October 6 and 7 will take place at 2pm.

Panels will be held Saturday, September 15 at 5:30 (before the evening performance), Saturday, September 22 (after the matinee performance), and Saturday, September 29 (after the matinee performance).

Theatre for a New Audience is committed to economically accessible tickets and offers tickets at a range of prices for The Emperor.

$20 New Deal: all Performances.  Age 30 and under or full-time students of any age.  May be purchased online, phone, or at the box office, in advance or day-of, with valid ID(s) proving eligibility required at pickup.

$20 Brooklyn Pass: all Performances. Members of local Brooklyn non-profit organizations through Brooklyn Pass program.

$28 TDF: selected performances. 

$60: all performances with a TFANA subscription.  

Special Discounts: TFANA offers special discounts available by joining TFANA mailing list at

$90-$100: all performances.

$125 Premium Seats: all performances.

Polonsky Shakespeare Center is located at 262 Ashland Place, Brooklyn.

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Tony nominated theatre luminary Austin Pendleton directs and adapts a new stage version of Richard III, Shakespeare’s greatest villain, in WARS OF THE ROSES: HENRY VI & RICHARD III, which begins performances August 1st at the 124 Bank Street Theatre.  The play combines texts from William Shakespeare’s Henry VI Part 3 and Richard III, to create a version, which has never been seen before. The production stars Pendleton as Henry VI and Matt de Rogatis as Richard III, while giving a fascinating take on one of history’s most notorious villains. The opening is set for Saturday, August 4th at 7PM.  WARS OF THE ROSES: HENRY VI & RICHARD III will play a limited engagement through August 19th.  Tickets are $25, for tickets and further information visit

With the two texts combined, director Austin Pendleton’s WARS OF THE ROSES: HENRY VI & RICHARD III explains how Richard III evolved into the events that shaped his tyranny. In the text of Henry VI, Part 3, Richard performs the role of a subjugated good brother while secretly behaving with bloodthirsty abandon.  Killing Henry, Richard then declares himself severed from his family and brotherhood and stands alone in his quest for the crown.  In the text of Richard III he is now the central character of the play stopping at nothing to become king, while keeping his subjects and rivals under his thumb.

“What’s always fascinated me about Richard III is how he became to be the way that Shakespeare so brilliantly portrays him in the play named after him” says Mr. Pendleton.  “I believe the answer to all of this is clearly dramatized by Shakespeare in Henry VI, Part 3, the play that leads up to Richard III.   So when Matt de Rogatis, whose exciting Hamlet I’d seen a couple years ago, came to me with the idea of Richard III, my first thought was to align the two plays.  I am very excited about WARS OF THE ROSES: HENRY VI & RICHARD III.  With a great deal of judicious cutting we to managed to get a swift and compact script and thus we can track the development of this troubled and terrifying Richard from a young man searching for love and acknowledgement to the monster that became King Richard III,” he continued.

Joining Austin Pendleton and Matt de Rogatis in the cast are:  Jim Broaddus, John Constantine, Milton Elliott, Debra Lass, Johanna Leister, Rachel Marcus, Pete McElligott, John L. Payne, Carolyn Groves, Greg Pragel and Michael Villastrigo.

Lighting is designed by Steven Wolf and “Project Runway’s” Maya Luz is the costume consultant.

Austin Pendleton’s Broadway directing credits include Spoils of War, The Little Foxes  (Tony Nomination), John Gabriel Borkman, The Runner Stumbles and Shelter. Off-Broadway, he has directed Hamlet, Ivanov, Three Sisters (Obie Award) and Uncle Vanya (CSC), Vieux Carre, and Toys In The Attic (Pearl) Fifty Words (MCC) and Between Riverside and Crazy.  He directed the London production of Detroit at the National Theatre and has directed many productions regionally including Say Goodnight Gracie at Steppenwolf, and Fathers and Sons, Beach House, The Master Builder, Miss Julie and The Dance of Death at Long Wharf. As a playwright, he has written Orson’s Shadow, Uncle Bob and Booth. He has most recently appeared in New York in Dress of Fire, City Girls and Desperados, Delta in the Sky With Diamonds, The Workshop, Consider the Lilies, The Sea Gull and King Lear.  He made his NY debut in 1962 in Oh Dad, Poor Dad …, directed by Jerome Robbins, In 1964 he made his Broadway debut, again directed by Mr. Robbins, as Motel the Tailor in the original cast of Fiddler on the Roof.  Since then he has appeared on Broadway under the direction of Alan Arkin in Hail Scrawdyke (Clarence Derwent Award); Mike Nichols in The Little Foxes in a cast which included Anne Bancroft, George C. Scott, Margaret Leighton, Beah Richards, E.G. Marshall, Maria Tucci and Richard Dysart; Morton da Costa in Doubles; James Lapine in The Diary of Anne Frank with Natalie Portman and Linda Lavin.  Next season he will appear in Choir Boy at MTC on Broadway.  Off-Broadway he appeared in the title role in The Last Sweet Days of Isaac and won an Obie Award.  He has appeared in about 250 movies, including “My Cousin Vinny,” “What’s Up Doc,” “Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps,” “The Front Page,” “Catch -22,” “The Muppet Movie,” “Mr. and Mrs. Bridge” and “Short Circuit.”  He wrote the libretto for A Minister’s Wife.  Mr. Pendleton is the recipient of the 2007 Drama Desk Special Award as “Renaissance Man of the American Theatre”

Matt de Rogatis was most recently seen as Roy in the critically acclaimed Off-Broadway revival of James McLure’s Lone Star at the Triad.  Before that, he played Frederick Clegg in the American premiere of The Collector at 59E59 Theaters and the title role of Hamlet at the 13th Street Repertory Theatre. Other New York Credits include The Elephant Man in The Exhibition, Charlie Gordon in Flowers for Algernon, Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire, and Ken in Red, which was revived and uniquely staged in Chelsea at The Jim Kempner Fine Art Gallery.

The playing schedule for THE ROSES: HENRY VI & RICHARD III is as follows: Wednesdays through Saturdays at 7PM, with Sunday matinees at 3PM through August 19th.  There is one Saturday matinee on August 4th at 2PM.   Tickets are $25 and can be purchased by visiting

Photo: de Rogatis and Pendleton: Chris Loupos.

Press: Glenna Freeman PR.