“PARTY CLOWN OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS,” written & performed by Stan Baker. Photo by Jonathan Slaff.

The first act, at Theater for the New City, features Stan Baker, a man with a treasure trove of tales from the fringes of fame. Baker’s one-man show, “Party Clown of the Rich & Famous,” delves into his 1980s stint entertaining the city’s elite. Imagine, if you dare, rubbing elbows with Salvador Dali, swapping jokes with Bob Hope, or perhaps even encountering a pre-presidential Donald Trump dispensing dubious financial advice. Baker promises a hilarious, and likely cautionary, tale of the allure and emptiness of easy money amidst the excesses of the privileged few.

Act Two, “The Hungry Mind Buffet,” is a thought-provoking smorgasbord of short plays by a quirky ensemble. Playwright Peter Dizozza takes a comedic operatic swipe at Dante’s Inferno, while Richard West offers a man’s pointed, and no doubt humorous, conversation with a possibly exasperated God. Georgia James explores the darker side of indulgence through a woman whose weapon of choice is a decadent dessert. Finally, Lissa Moira, the production’s director and a known champion of the avant-garde, delivers a stark but powerful commentary on war with “The Colonel and the Woman Take Tea in the Rubble.”

L-R: Violinist Susan Mitchell, Mia Sasson as the food-loving Woman, Alisa Ermolaev as the waitress in “YUM” by Georgia James, directed by Lissa Moira. Photo by Jonathan Slaff.

Moira, whose eclectic sensibilities have long graced the downtown theater scene, promises a production that’s both entertaining and intellectually stimulating. Think a theatrical amuse-bouche followed by a philosophical espresso. Those seeking a theatrical adventure, which lingers long after the curtain falls, need apply.

Theater for the New City presents

“Party Clown of the Rich & Famous and The Hungry Mind Buffet,” an evening of cuckoo playlets on subjects from celebrities to the celestial.

Program includes works by Stan Baker, Peter Dizzoza, Richard West, Georgia James and Lissa Moira, all directed by Lissa Moira.

May 30 to June 16, 2024

Theater for the New City, 155 First Ave.

Thursdays through Saturdays at 8:00 PM, Sundays at 3:00 PM

$18 general admission; $15 students & seniors

Box office www.theaterforthenewcity.net, (212) 254-1109

runs 2:05 with intermission

Press: Jonathan Slaff

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