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FRIGID New York’s 2024 New York City Fringe Festival culminated with a spectacular awards night, on April 21, honoring the brightest stars of indie theater. This year’s festival marked a historic milestone as the most financially successful in FRIGID New York’s 15-year legacy, with over $125,000 in box office proceeds enriching the endeavors of 46 NYC Fringe Festival artists.

The prestigious Sell Out Awards aimed a spotlight on productions that captured audience hearts, including “Joy Ride” by Meredith Brandt, “The Climate Fables: Debating Extinction & The Trash Garden” by Padraig Bond/The Torch Ensemble, “A Little Less Than Kind” by Gracie Rittenberg, “Clown Bar 2” written by Adam Szymkowicz and directed by Andrew Block, “Fanatical Optimism” by Adam LeBow, “Brokeneck Girls: The Murder Ballad Musical” by Eve Blackwater, and “In Harmony” presented by BY Productions. These productions, through their sold-out performances, demonstrated their magnetic appeal and artistic excellence.

Select works received extensions into upcoming festivals, testament to their compelling narratives and captivating performances. “A Drag is Born” by Edu Díaz and “Sonnets From a Sin-Eater” by Kara Hadden were chosen for the upcoming Queerly Festival in June. “No Bones About It” by Matt Storrs and “Curry & Catharsis” by Azhar Bande-Ali secured additional performances in the Gotham Storytelling Festival in November. “Clown Bar 2,” extended performances at Parkside Lounge on April 30 and May 3.

Audience Choice Awards resonated with attendees, celebrating favorites like “Joy Ride,” “A Series of Wildfires” by Deborah Harbin, “The Leading Lady Club: A Feminist (But Still Likable) Sketch Show” presented by Leading Lady Creative and Guptanya Studios, “Miami Madness” by David Rodwin, “Lola’s Boyfriend Show” by Lauren O’Brien, “TransMasculine Cabaret” by Vulva Va-Voom, and “Clown Bar 2.”

Diverse accolades illuminated the breadth of talent and creativity showcased during the festival. Notably, the Jill Meirch Spirit of the Festival Award recognized Emil Guillermo from “Emil Amok: Lost NPR host, vegan trans dad,” echoing the festival’s ethos of supporting artistic freedom and collaboration.

As FRIGID New York continues its mission to amplify diverse voices and foster artistic innovation, the legacy of the 2024 New York City Fringe Festival recognizes the  enduring power of indie theater—and its ability to inspire and  provoke audiences in and beyond the city.


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