Something’s coming, something good . . .

On Broadway:

Lempicka (Play): Opens Sunday, April 14th at the Golden Theatre. This captivating play by Elaine May explores the life and art of Tamara de Lempicka, a Polish Art Deco painter known for her bold portraits and flamboyant lifestyle. Directed by Michael Blakemore.1


Still (Play): This new play by Lia Romeo, which follows a former couple rekindling an old flame, opens April 18th at DR2 Theatre. The production stars Jayne Atkinson and Tim Daly, directed by Adrienne Campbell-Holt.1

Scarlett Dreams (Play): Playwright S. Asher Gelman’s new work explores the lines between reality and the virtual world, opening April 15th at The Linda Gross Theater. The cast features Brittany Bellizeare, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Caroline Lellouche, and Borris Anthony York.1

Fabulation, OR, THE RE-EDUCATION OF UNDINE (Play): This comedic social satire by Lynn Nottage opens April 18th at The Billie Holiday Theatre. Felicia Curry takes on the lead role of Undine Barnes Calles, directed by Martavius Parrish.1

Perfect Crime: This long-running thriller returns Off-Broadway on April 25th at The Theater Center.

The Twenty-Sided Tavern (Play): This new fantasy adventure play by playwright R.A. King opens April 14th at The Playroom at 151.1

Looking Ahead to Broadway:  The Tony Awards are due to be held on June 16th, 2024, so expect a buzz around shows vying for nominations. It’s also common for new productions to open in the lead-up to the ceremony. While official announcements haven’t been made yet, keep an eye out for exciting debuts around the second week of June.

(written with Gemini and Perplexity.)

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