(Jennifer Ben Brahimim’s, Marion Chavali’s,  Aline Bottin’s,  Alison Sargent’s Loic Chalavoni’s, and Sonia Patricelli’s article appeared on France24, 10/10/2023.)

“A simple celebration of an ordinary life” – that’s how British playwright and director Alexander Zeldin describes his latest show, “The Confessions”. Based on hours of conversations with his own mother, the play paints an intimate portrait of one woman’s journey through her own life, from 1940s Australia to present-day London. Like Zeldin’s past work exploring social inequalities, it’s both personal and societal. He spoke to Alison Sargent about his approach to theatre and his desire to bring people closer to the intensity of their own lives.

Visit: https://www.france24.com/en/tv-shows/arts24/20231010-british-playwright-alexander-zeldin-on-using-theatre-to-bring-us-closer-to-life


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