(FOX 5 NY Staff, 12/6; via the Drudge Report.)

NEW YORK – The comedy venue mainstay Carolines on Broadway will close at the end of the year, FOX 5 NY has confirmed.

The club’s owner, Caroline Hirsch, decided not to renew the venue’s lease. The comedy club, which first opened 40 years ago, has been at its current location near Times Square since 1992 — long before the area was a draw for tourists.

“People thought we were crazy to invest in Times Square, only later to say that we were ahead of the curve when global brands like Disney, Nasdaq and national retailers and businesses came to the neighborhood,” the club said in a message posted on social media. “We are very proud to have played an integral role in its resurgence and brought much needed laughter to the neighborhood and the city.”

Dec. 31 will be club’s final night of shows but Carolines will be back in different ways, management said. 

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