(FRANCE IN FOCUS © FRANCE 24 By: Monte FRANCIS|Stéphanie CHEVAL|Camille FEVRIER|Sonia BARITELLO/ France24; Photo: Photograph: Heritage Image Partnership Ltd/Alamy.) 

He’s known as the father of French theatre, but the influence of Molière goes well beyond France. His impact is still felt today all over the world. To mark the 400th anniversary of the famed playwright’s birth, we speak to Georges Forestier, professor at the Sorbonne and a specialist in the works of Molière. We also take you on a tour of Molière’s Paris.

France launches Saturday 15th, a year of events to mark the 400th anniversary of Moliere, the nation’s most illustrious and ever popular master of the stage and satire. Aurélien Pornet, tour guide in Paris, tells Moliere’s story through a walk in the capital.

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