(Jacob Bentley-York’s article appeared in the Sun, 6/18; via the Drudge Report.)

Terrifying video shows a pack of 30 wolves chasing actors on stage and lunging into the audience in Chinese theatre show

A TERRIFYING video of a live stage show in China has gone viral after it appeared to show a group of actors being chased by THIRTY wolves.

The clip, filmed in a theatre in the city of Xi’an, was posted on the Chinese social media platform Weibo last week and has already gained 433 million views.

The footage features 30 wolves participating in a Chinese theatre showCredit: Weibo

In the clip, the animals can be seen pretending to chase cast membersCredit: Weibo

They even leap off stage and run between the seats of audience membersCredit: Weibo


In the dimly lit footage, the animals can be seen sprinting off stage as they pretend to chase their cast members.

Several of the animals leave the stage and run into the aisles between audience seats as they participate in a routine.

As part of the show, titled “Tuoling Legend” or “The Legend of Camel Bell,” the wolves also appear to act out fight scenes with the performers.

This includes actors being pinned down to the ground as they pretend to be mauled.

But, much to the dismay of viewers, the animals don’t appear to be wearing any harnesses, raising serious safety concerns.

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