(PA Media’s article appeared in the Guardian, 6/8; Photo: The Guardian.)

 Impresario is determined his production of Cinderella will start this month in London as planned

Andrew Lloyd Webber says he may have to sell his West End theatres if venues are forced to operate at reduced capacities. Photograph: UPI/Alamy

Andrew Lloyd Webber has said he is determined to open his theatres on 21 June regardless of whether rules are relaxed, and is prepared to be arrested if authorities try to intervene.

The composer said he may have to sell his six West End venues if the government does not remove restrictions that have forced venues to run with reduced capacities.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Lord Lloyd-Webber also revealed he had remortgaged his London home, as the live entertainment industry struggles with the pandemic’s catastrophic financial impact.

Many theatres have remained closed despite the easing of Covid-19 restrictions as it still is not financially viable for them to open with smaller audiences.

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