(via the Public Theater)

The Delacorte isn’t empty…

It’s full of HOPE, PURPOSE, PROMISE… and what it needs now is YOU.

We have spent the last year getting ready. We have been producing new work and preparing for a safe return. We’ve grieved, Zoomed, innovated, supported our communities, and connected our city. We’ve gathered brilliant artists to imagine a return to summers under the stars in Central Park. We have Saheem Ali and Jocelyn Bioh ready to fill The Delacorte with a rollicking new adaptation of Shakespeare’s MERRY WIVESset in South Harlem in a joyous celebration of New York’s West African community. We have the energy, the drive, and the absolute conviction that we will find a way to safely share a summer of Free Shakespeare in the Park with our city.

Help us get back to The Delacorte on July 5. 

Visit the Public Theater.

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