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Hotel Good Luck tells the moving and dizzying story of Bobby, a late-night radio DJ who is confronted with an upsetting event which plunges him into a rabbit hole of parallel universes in an attempt to regain what he has lost. 

The English-language premiere of Mexican playwright Alejandro Ricaño’s Hotel Good Luck, co-presented by The New Ohio and The Cherry Artists’ Collective. The play will be live-streamed from the historic State Theater in Ithaca, NY

‘HOTEL GOOD LUCK’ Co-presented by the New Ohio theatre, NYC

February 12–20

A late-night radio DJ plunges down a rabbit hole of parallel universes in search of a dear one he has lost. This intellectually dizzying and emotionally moving English-language première will stream live from the gorgeous State Theater in Ithaca NY for five performances only.  Written by Alejandro Ricaño, one of Latin America’s most brilliant and celebrated young writers. 

San Diego Red said of the Spanish-language production, “Hotel Good Luck Lives Up to The Name And Triumphs!” Hotel Good Luck is the second international play in The Cherry’s season, following the success of “A Day,” which the New York Times called “transfixing” and its “very appealing” cast “full of charm”!


All livestream performances at 7:30pm EST:
Fri Feb 12 | Sat Feb 13
Thu Feb 18 | Fri Feb 19 | Sat Feb 20

Runtime: approximately 65 minutes, no intermission


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