Vin Morreale, Jr. (book & lyrics) and Eric B. Sirota (music) are pleased to announce the release of their new full-length musical comedy, “A Day at the White House,” on podcast and streaming platforms.  “A Day at the White House” is a timeless yet very timely musical romantic comedy, set on Inauguration Day.


After a close national vote is deadlocked in Florida, Crenshaw Sparx is appointed President of the United States, surrounded by all the clowns, comedians, and con artists that not-so-subtly reflect today’s political environment. 


A “radio-play” full-length musical which includes 16 songs is now available to be streamed for free here. Pay what you can.  Donations are greatly appreciated to help with production costs. 


The cast includes:  Sarah Turner Holland, Dwight Turner, Beau Solley, Will Adams, Chauncey E. Arnold, Rick Bucy, Gary Crockett, Randy Davidson, Amber Hurst, Vin Morreale Jr., Barb Polk & Steven Preston.


Imagine the mayhem when the American political establishment is thrown together with classic comedians of the early 20th Century–and be prepared for ultimate slapstick zaniness.

Vin Morreale, Jr. and Eric B. Sirota began to work together in 2012, when they were paired to work on a short musical in the West Village Musical Theatre Festival in New York.  This was Sirota’s first work professionally produced.  Morreale was already an established and highly produced playwright, but had yet to write a musical.  Sirota wrote the music and a 12-minute version of A Day at the White House was produced at that festival.   Over the next few years, Sirota became established in the musical theatre world, writing music, book and lyrics, with productions of his full-length musicals including Frankenstein, which has been running for almost 3 years Off-Broadway at St. Luke’s Theatre (with a pause for COVID).  In 2018, Morreale and Sirota returned to A Day at the Whitehouse, where Mr. Morreale updated his full-length script, and Sirota wrote the music for the 16 songs.   Working remotely during COVID, with Sirota in New Jersey and Morreale in Louisville KY, the score was prepared, and the entire work was recorded in Louisville, just barely in time to be released prior to the presidential election.  

Recordings by Fred Bogert (Briarcliff Recording Studio), and one song by J. D. Miller.  Kim Aberle was the rehearsal pianist. Produced by Mandy Morreale.



A Day at the White House – a new full-length musical comedy


Audio podcast (“radio-play” musical)



Cost:  Free (optional donation)

Vin Morreale, Jr. (book & lyrics) is a published author, award-winning screenwriter and internationally-produced playwright.  He was named to the INTERNATIONAL SCREENWRITERS ASSOCIATION’S TOP 25 WRITERS in 2017 and 2018, as well as THE BLACKLIST’S TOP TV WRITERS STAFFING BOOK over thousands of writers considered. He was recently inducted into the KENTUCKY FILM AND TELEVISION HALL OF FAME.

He was awarded the prestigious Al Smith Writing Fellowship, and his scripts, stage plays and radio comedy have received hundreds of productions around the world, and have been translated into Italian, Russian and Spanish.

Vin was a founding member of the San Francisco Playwrights’ Center and the Senseless Bickering Comedy Theatre. He has more than a dozen plays in print, as well as three highly acclaimed acting resource books drawn from his nationally known acting workshops; 300 MONOLOGUES, TWO CHARACTER CHAOS and 150 ACTING SCENES, available through


Eric B. Sirota (music) is a composer, playwright and physicist.  He studied music composition at Brown University and received his PhD in Physics at Harvard.  His musical, “Frankenstein”, based on Mary Shelley’s novel, has been playing Off-Broadway at St. Luke’s Theatre for almost 3 years.  Your Name on My Lips, a musical about following one’s passion with obsession and commitment, was produced by Theater for the New City.  He is currently developing Go, My Child, a musical about leaving one’s parents, infertility and the search for truth, set against a background of xenophobia – an original account of the early lives of familiar biblical characters. 

He was honored to receive the Denis Diderot Artists-in-Residence grant to attend the Chateau d’Orquevaux artist’s residency in 2019, where he had the opportunity to work on a new musical, A Good Day, about the power of music to rekindle memory and awaken the mind, which is now in development. (


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