Mathew Baynton, Andrew Buchan and Toby Jones star in an energetic new production of the play that made Tom Stoppard’s reputation overnight in 1967. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Hamlet’s ill-fated attendant lords, condemned to an existence in the wings, with no control over their own destinies.

Directed by Emma Harding

Rosencrantz…..Mathew Baynton
Guildenstern…..Andrew Buchan
The Player…..Toby Jones
Tragedian…..Sam Dale
Alfred…..Ronny Jhutti
Ophelia…..Sarah Ovens
Polonius…..Michael Bertenshaw
Hamlet…..Parth Thakerar
Claudius…..Don Gilet
Gertrude…..Clare Corbett

Music arranged and performed by Clare Salaman, Philip Hopkins and Amelia Shakespeare from The Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments

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