(James Barron’s article appeared in The New York Times, 12/7; via Pam Green.)

“I’m a pretty good detective,” Jane Klain said, but she is no badge-wielding, revolver-packing gumshoe. She is in charge of research services for a museum.

The latest product of her sleuthing was playing on a computer on the desk behind her — a 104-minute performance of “The Glass Menagerie” starring Shirley Booth, Hal Holbrook and Barbara Loden that was broadcast 50 years ago. As far as anyone knew, the master videotape was lost.

Ms. Klain, who works for the Paley Center for Media, formerly the Museum of Broadcasting and the Museum of Television and Radio, is always on the lookout for lost programs that are sought by scholars and biographers. Late last year, she noticed a one-line listing that led to four forgotten reels of videotape at the University of Southern California — the raw footage from which the original master tape of “The Glass Menagerie” was assembled.

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