(Ben Brantley article appeared in The New York Times, 10/25.)

Jake Gyllenhaal, you’ll be delighted to hear, can speak pointillism. Even more to the, uh, point, he can sing pointillism, which isn’t easy at all. It involves concentration and balance and order, not to mention being able to summon all those radiant flecks of color and light.

But when Mr. Gyllenhaal intones, “blue, blue, blue, blue,” in a bristling succession of notes, you could swear you hear dabs of paint turning into shimmer. With that moment, we’ve stepped with Mr. Gyllenhaal through the doorway of one man’s vision and into the empyrean summoned by his character, the 19th-century French painter Georges Seurat. It’s going to be a long and happy time before we have to return to our dimmer daily worldviews.

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