Helen Mirren as a colonel and the late Alan Rickman as a general star in this espionage military thriller about the moral value of collateral damage caused by targeted drone killing. Tracking terrorists is shown in Nairobi with mini drones that are bugs and birds which are amusing even if deadly. Jeremy Northam sits around the planning table discussing morality and chain of command for decisions about when to strike, and with his talent he could be given more to do.  The entire team in different locations is concerned about a child who is located where the drone needs to strike to remove fanatic Muslim terrorists that include a Brit who converted and her Muslim husband from the US.  The chain of command gets a good workout asking others to take the blame for possibly killing one child.  It just isn’t realistic that the military would be concerned with collateral damage that’s only one child, no matter how appealing.  There also isn’t enough action compared to another espionage thriller concerned with the moral issues of ops – The Enemy of the State.  Still this is a worthwhile movie because of the actors. – Patty

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