(Alexandra Alter’s article appeared in The New York Times, 4/19; via the Drudge Report.)

He gushed about Mr. Walker, who brings an edgy, coiled energy and an unpredictable quality to the charming psychopath Patrick Bateman.

“It’s not how I pictured the character, but Christian Bale wasn’t how I pictured the character, either,” he said, referring to the 2000 feature film adaptation starring Mr. Bale.

During the second act, the violence and chaos escalates as Bateman goes on a killing spree, acting out after an oppressively boring vacation in the Hamptons.

After the final scene, the crowd rose for a standing ovation, and a press agent arrived to escort Mr. Ellis backstage to meet the cast. Mr. Ellis, who was wearing jeans, sneakers, a black shirt and blazer and thick black glasses, had gone unnoticed in the theater, and the actors didn’t seem to recognize him until he was introduced.

One of the actors jokingly asked Mr. Ellis if he was familiar with the material.


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