(Susannah Clapp’s article appeared in the Guardian, 12/27.)

Found111 is proving to be an inspiring dramatic place. First it housed Tooting Arts’s dynamic production of Barbarians. Now it stages Richard Greenberg’s riveting play. Simon Evans’s production contains some of the best acting in London. He and designer Ben Stones make the eccentric space at the top of the former St Martins School of Art so much their own that this feels like a site-specific drama.

The Dazzle, first seen in New York in 2002, is loosely based on the story of the hoarding Collyer brothers, who lived sequestered in Manhattan, tunnelling through accumulated stuff and eventually dying underneath it. Greenberg reimagines their lives as a dance of death. He does so in an extraordinary conjuring of squalor and dandy dialogue, filth and baroque delicacy. This is so unexpected that it rings true.


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