(Thomas Page’s article appeared on CNN, 11/9; via Drudge Report.)

'Actors aren't going to be real, they're going to be inside a computer': Marlon Brando's eerie premonitions from beyond the grave

(CNN)In the 1990s Marlon Brando made a prediction: he believed that in the future actors would become obsolete, replaced with digital avatars.

"Actors aren't going to be real, they're going to be inside a computer — you watch, it's going to happen," he argued. "Maybe this is the swansong for all of us."

Digitized and reconstituted, Brando imagined actors would have a voice and life beyond themselves. He even had his head scanned and mapped onto a computer at one point by friend and visual effects pioneer Scott Billups, recording facial expressions so as to be replicated in the digital age.

Brando's prediction was at least partly correct. We know this because he tells us these thoughts for the first time from beyond the grave, reanimated in Stevan Riley's powerful new documentary "Listen To Me Marlon."


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