(Laura Collins-Hughes’s article appeared in The New York Times, 10/8; via Pam Green.)

“I don’t see us lifting off,” the little blond girl said to her companion, Faux Fogg of the Fogg Family Balloon Society.

It was a fair point.

Seated in one of a gaggle of hot-air balloons beneath a fluffy white firmament, we could feel a breeze blowing — it came from large, hand-held fans that some of the grown-ups were fluttering — and we’d been told that we were airborne. Yet not a single craft appeared to leave the ground.

“In our imaginations,” Faux prompted amiably, and that seemed to do the trick. A few moments later, as we make-believe ascended through make-believe clouds in the Clark Studio Theater at Lincoln Center, Faux (Emily Bruner) offered to spray the girl with some mist, because that’s what clouds feel like. The child eagerly stretched out her arms.


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