At the Signature Theater held over  until October 4.

Just when I thought we could go to the lobby at intermission for coffee, this  long one-act play was over without sufficient resolution. I’m a die-hard  Gurney fan so this play was a must-see, but it was disappointing. A WASP  heiress, played by Maureen Anderman, is possibly losing her marbles when her  young lawyer, played by Joe Paulik, shows up and a surprise guest, played by  Gabriel Brown, also arrives as a con artist. Do we believe the heiress knows  what she’s doing and can defend herself? The usual Gurney wit is there but  not the usual insight into the human condition. This play could use a second  act. Other recent Gurney plays, Family Furniture and Black Tie, were funnier  and more profound.

It should be noted that the Signature Theater is a weird venue, designed by  Frank Gehry, and opened in 2012. It has deliberately cheap materials in the  lobby that serve perhaps to help beg the audience for donations. This  building creates no warmth and has a confusing central area. –Patty

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