(Niall Byrne’s article appeared in the Irish Times, 9/3.)

Bleeding Heart Pigeons
Friday, Body & Soul Main Stage, 11pm

A young Limerick band who despite the major label backing, are resisting the path to a larger audience, and are instead exploring an artistic side of indie-rock that has lead to them addressing the Columbine school shootings and abstract theories. Teen artistic angst.

Booka Brass Band
Friday, Other Voices, 5pm

We know from the frequency of visits from New Orleans-style brass bands to these shores that the Irish can't get enough of the stuff. So the rise of Booka Brass, seven native Dubliners playing original music and covers of Beyonce’s ‘Crazy In Love’ and Jason Derulo’s ‘Talk Dirty’ is an easy sell and a perfect festival act.

See also: Stomptown Brass at Body & Soul: Earthship stage, Saturday.

Friday, Body & Soul main stage – 5.15pm
Saturday, Little Big Tent – 2:30pm

There's always been a small niche Irish audience interested in the kinds of “urban” music popular in the UK like garage, bass music and dubstep. Even rarer are singers who are familiar with such scenes and who mine them for their own music. Wicklow singer and violinist Joni, along with her production partner Richie Kaboogie, have concocted an underground electronic style, inspired by Burial and Paul Woolford.

Saturday, Other Voices, 4pm

Galway lady Maria Somerville makes slow, moving music with the barest of instruments and the most delicate of touch. But if you want to experience her music, you'll have to see her live, as she's proceeding with caution on the recording front. Make the effort and you'll be rewarded with music that draws from folk, soul and electronic music.


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