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Absurd Theatre 101  Various  Young Patrons of Lincoln Center/Dir. Tomer Adorian             

P.C. Sheila   Artistic New Directions/Dir. Bara Swain

Mother/Issues Daughter  Pause & Play, The Poet Acts/Dir. Tomer Adorian

Doppelganger (workshop) Shelley  The Actors Studio/Dir. Norma Medina

Let me Go Keri   Pause & Play, The Poet Acts/Dir. Tomer Adorian      

Saving Grace Grace Abingdon Theatre, NY/Dir. Bara Swain

A Wet Drought Daisy  Ceres Gallery/Dir. Lily Rusek

The Stakeout (staged reading) Marti Abingdon Theatre/Dir. Jessica Vera

Spreadin’ the News Chloe Abingdon Theatre/Dir. Bara Swain

R U Nobody 2? (workshop)  Emily Dickenson   New Georges/Dir. Allyn Chandler

Denial Plays Mistress of Denial Abingdon Theatre, NY/ Producer Kim Sharp      

Give and Take Tacy Tolbert  Artistic New Directions, NY/ Dir. Bara Swain

Download Resume for Danielle Bourgeois 

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