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In response to feedback from its participants, the LIT Fund, the only charitable organization exclusively dedicated to the independent theater sector of New York City, will be giving away five $1000 grants this year to help companies and individuals pay artists fees. 

“Actors, writers, directors and designers always seem last in line when the money gets handed out. This new funding initiative will directly address and change that for five of our participants this year.” says the Fund’s Executive Director, Randi Berry.

In its first two years the Fund has annually given a $5000 Community Resource Grant to a project that benefits the entire independent theater sector. After surveying the 135 participants, the need and desire to pay artists emerged as a clear priority.

“We strive to listen and respond to our participants and let them tell us where the money should go.” says Fund Board Chair, John Clancy.

In keeping with the Fund’s core ethos of “radical transparency” the grantees will be chosen by lottery, giving all eligible applicants an equal chance. Any participant of the Fund putting up a show in a 99-seat theater or less in New York City during the 2015-16 season is eligible for a grant. This continues the Fund’s tradition of creating a simple, transparent and fair granting process. Lots will be drawn and money will be given on Tuesday, October 6at 6:30pm at Parkside Lounge, 317 Houston Street on the Lower East Side. 

The LIT Fund is designed to financially and otherwise assist organizations and individual artists creating independent theater in the five boroughs of New York City. The intent of the Fund is to protect, sustain and strengthen this vital segment of American theater, in any economic environment and to further enhance its positive impact on the cultural landscape of the city. At the core of the Fund is the simple idea of theater people helping theater people. Money for the Fund comes from organizations, companies, venues and individual artists donating five cents (0.05 $) per ticket sold to their performances. Additional donations are solicited from patrons of the arts. All money collected goes solely to the independent theater territory. 

For more information contact Randi Berry, 917-626-1369, randi.berry@litfund.org

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