We went last night.  A Queen for a Day by Michael Ricigliano, Jr. at the Theatre at St. Clemens

It is fantastic to see the talented Vincent Pastore and David Proval as the two Cinquimani Mafia brothers on stage, but the script is too superficial for them.  The story concentrates on, not a stoolie – a queen for a day – but a real closet queen.  Along the way, there is lots of profane language that unfortunately sheds no light on the characters, including two toughie lawyers deftly played by David Deblinger and Portia.  When someone talks about covering up that s–t, what is he talking about?  What is covered up?  I would like to know more.  As in many contemporary plays, the characters swear because it is considered "realistic" but in reality their profane language reveals little about the plot or themselves.  The action takes place in a deserted warehouse and most of it is too far away from the audience.  The desk and props should all come forward.

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