(from QueenAnneBoleyn.com, 5/14; via Pam Green.) 

Giles Taylor, renowned English Shakespearean actor, is also a highly respected teacher, mentor and consultant to emerging stage actors. With exhaustive stage, screen and television credits, Giles is well known throughout the United Kingdom for his outstanding acting skills and technical mastery of classical verse and language, rhetoric and form. Currently, Giles is an actor for the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Tony nominated Wolf Hall, Parts One & Two, now playing at the Winter Garden Theater, Broadway, New York City. Portraying Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury; Thomas Boleyn, Earl of Wiltshire and Ormond, and Jean de Dinteville, the French Ambassador, Giles adds richness and authenticity not only to his specific roles, but also to the overall outstanding ensemble cast performance. 

QueenAnneBoleyn.com recently caught up with the remarkably gifted Giles Taylor. You will find his insight into a variety of questions posed intriguing. 



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