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The actor and activist Khaled Nabawy is a prominent film star with a long and successful career. The great Egyptain director Youssef Chahine directed Khaled in three films—and the actor quickly grabbed the attention of film audiences.  He also garnered the respect of film critics through his choice of material. Nabawy was the first major Arab actor to work in Hollywood since Omar Sharif (whose career was also launched by Youssef Chahine). Khaled has been seen in films such as The Citizen, Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven and Doug Liman’s Fair Game. He has appeared in more than 20 movies, three theatrical plays and ten TV series. Khaled has won such honors as the African Film Award (1995) for Best Lead Actor for his performance in The Emigrant, the 100 Years Cinema Festival Award (1996) for The Youngest Actor and the Cairo International Film Festival Award (1998) for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for The Destiny. Khaled earned a BSc, with honors, in acting from the Academy of Arts in Cairo. Nabawy has also appeared at the Arena Stage as Anwar Sadat in Camp David.


What they said about Mr. Nabawy:

The Citizen: Film Review

Hollywood reporter

Hollywood reporter (By: Frank Scheck) "Egyptian actor Khaled Nabawy's moving starring turn is the best element of this well-intentioned but contrived drama."

The film's chief asset is Nabaway, who delivers a subtly moving and strained performance that transcends the contrived plot mechanics. It's a heartfelt turn that befits this well-intentioned but ultimately reductive film.

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The New York Times

The New York Times (By JEANNETTE CATSOULIS) "the Egyptian actor Khaled Nabawy is invaluable. Mr. Nabawy adds much-needed weight and authenticity to a character whose cascade of misfortunes threatens to turn drama into farce at every moment.")

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The independent critic by Jazmen Brown

"Nabawy gives a heartfelt performance here"

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Best Films of 2013

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