(Dmitriy Romendik's article appeare in Russian Beyond the Headlines, 1/4.)

The Moscow-based puppet theater Ten’ (‘Shadow’) is one of the most creative of its kind in Russia, if not the world. Founded in 1988, it was originally a private family theater organized by artist Ilya Epelbaum and actress Maya Krasnopolskaya. Later, the Moscow city administration allocated a building for it and it became a municipal establishment.

One of the distinctive features of the Ten’ theater is the quirky and original projects it organizes. These vary from performances of Shakespeare plays to order as part of the CookCafe project, to ballet and opera shows involving a miniature cast of ‘Lilikans’, to touring opera productions in the ‘Theater Ambulance’. Here is a short guide to three of these unusual theatrical initiatives.

Source: Russia Beyond the Headlines – http://rbth.com/arts/2015/01/04/moscows_oddest_puppet_theater_ambulances_shakespeare_menus_and_lilikans_42281.html)



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