(Feingold’s article appeared on Theatermania, Dec 12, 2014.)

Reflections on theatrical turkeydom in last month's Thinking About Theater had already started me recalling shows I'd walked out of, over the decades. And just when an article entitled "Confessions of a Broadway Bolter" appeared, occasioning a lot of online discussion. In it, an entertainment reporter admitted to having seen only the first act of a great many shows she was covering. The controversy peaked with a stinging reply from a theater publicist in which he complained, with some justification, about the waste of thousands of dollars in free tickets lavished on a person who treated them so cavalierly.

The author seems to have made a pretty extensive habit of leaving Broadway shows early, and the range of her mid-work departures was wide, encompassing musicals, dramas and comedies, homegrown work and prestigious imports alike, with zero regard for star power, degree of significance, or popularity. She notes virtuously that she stayed, enraptured, all through two exceptionally lengthy works, both of which I happen to regard as pretty paltry (though I stayed through both of them too), and boasts proudly of having remained on her feet through two entire performances of Here Lies Love (which I also enjoyed, though from a sitting position above the action).


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