(Phoebe Taplin’s article appeared in Russia Beyond the Headlines, 12/2.)

In 1922 the Russian art theorist Alexei Gan published a manifesto for an unprecedented, utopian form of creativity. Christina Lodder, who has produced a new translation of Gan’s extraordinary book, Constructivism, told RBTH: “Constructivism is a radical document and a vivid testament to one of the most experimental periods in the history of art, when political revolution generated a complete re-evaluation of the role of art.”

Tribute to unsung hero


“Gan is one of the unsung heroes of Constructivism,” Ms Lodder, a specialist in Russian modernism and lecturer in the history of art at the University of Kent, writes in her introduction. He formulated new ideas, “which he was convinced would ultimately lead to a better world”, and argued for them as “agitator, publisher, activist and promoter”. Constructivism explains the movement’s aims, says Ms Lodder, “elaborating its principles, justifying its positions, relating it to socialist theories of art and trying to promote its acceptance by the government”.

Russia Beyond the Headlines – http://rbth.com/literature/2014/12/02/building_a_brave_new_world_with_art_41891.html)

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