(Catherine Love’s article appeared in the Guardian, 12/2.)

Karolien De Bleser

Alexander [Devriendt, Ontroerend Goed’s artistic director] had the idea that he wanted to make a show with women, but in the very beginning it was not much more than that. Then we came together a few months later and he said he wanted to make a show about feminism. We were not super-enthusiastic because we didn’t consider ourselves feminists – or we thought maybe feminism was a bit of a dirty word. But then we started to work on it and we read a lot of articles and books and we talked a lot about our own experiences, and that’s how the show was created.

There was this other idea from the beginning: Alexander said “I want you all to scream.” Then we came up with the metaphor of a concert. So you hear voices talking in a very rhythmical way, and that concert metaphor adds to the topics we want to discuss. We’re all dressed up like opera singers giving you a nice concert, but it’s not that nice. It’s all based on the rhythm – even the pieces of text are very rhythmical.


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