(Patrick Healy’s article appeared in The New York Times, 11/25; via Pam Green.)

CHICAGO — Some of the sets looked flimsy, the acting was uneven, and the signature red wig needed bounce. But none of that mattered to Lilly Hickman, 6, as she watched “Annie,” presented here by Broadway in Chicago, a booker of national musical tours.

Lilly burst into applause after “Tomorrow,” and she giggled like other kids in the majestic Cadillac Palace Theater when the evil Miss Hannigan croaked, “How nice,” after learning that Daddy Warbucks wanted to adopt Annie.

“This show makes me so happy!” said Lilly, who is missing all her front baby teeth but is old enough to have saved 37 Playbills from other musicals. “I love Annie because she’s like me.” How so? “Really smart!” she said.


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