(Tom Ward’s article appeared in Esquire Weekly, UK, 11/4, via Pam Green.)

When I was 25, I wish I’d know how easy it is to be out. I think my life started when I was 49. It was like discovering religion and being born again. The person who encouraged me to do so was Armistead Maupin, author of Tales Of The City. It was the best advice I've ever had, for my life and my career.

Some relationships get easier as you get older, depending on what sort of person you are. I don’t think I’ve got any better at them.

I like sleeping a lot. I was asleep half an hour ago. My friend said I enjoy it because I don’t want to face up to the world.

Self presentation is something we all care about. Once human beings start wearing clothes or cutting their hair – neither of them particularly natural things to do – then you are making decisions as to how you look and how you want people to think.


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