Anne Elliott, who contributed to our ONE ON ONE: THE BEST WOMEN'S MONOLOGUES FOR THE 21ST CENTURY, e-mailed to say that she is happy to announce the publication of her first standalone title, brought to you by Ploughshares Solos.  At the moment, Anne tells us, it is exclusively available for Kindle (or Kindle app on your tablet/smartphone/computer), but in the future, Ploughshares will also publish a print omnibus edition with this and other stories.

We’re huge fans of Anne Elliott’s work here at Stage Voices, and it’s such an honor to tell you about her new publication. 

About the story:

Meet Clay, a Brooklyn performance artist who is sick of being broke. Sporting a row of stitches from his last show, and severely in debt to both family and girlfriend, he decides to do the unthinkable: get a straight job. "The Beginning of the End of the Beginning" is a bittersweet romp through the innocence of 1999 New York City, a time when heartbreak was still heartbreak and broke was still broke, but the city itself felt unsinkable. 

For more information about the story:

The Beginning of the End of the Beginning (Kindle Single) (Ploughshares Solos Book 34) – Kindle edition by Anne Elliott. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

For more information about Ploughshares Solos (a wonderful series!  purchase several!): 

Visit Anne’s Web site too!! 

Anne Elliott:

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