(from Russia Beyond the Headlines, 10/27; via Interfax.)

Today the Colta.ru website published a text of the letter that Tom Stoppard wrote to support a Moscow theater

In the letter, Stoppard said he was shocked by that the news that Teatr.doc was being turned out of its building. He went on to say that for the English-speaking world, the Russian theater culture has always been a source of inspiration and an object of adoration, but this culture could not appear out of nothing: "It grows out of new voices, new forms, new ideas, and new subject matter."

"In Russia Teatre.doc is currently the most important example of a theatre group which, quite apart from the quality of its work which has given it an international reputation, contains the seeds of a vibrant and relevant theatre of the future. It fulfills one of the prime functions of art in society, namely to reflect, interpret and offer a critique of the social environment it lives in," Stoppard said.

Source: Russia Beyond the Headlines – http://rbth.com/news/2014/10/27/tom_stoppard_backs_moscows_teatrdoc_40923.html


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