(Tom Sellar’s notice appeared in the Village Voice, 10/9.)

Depending on his ever-changing constellation of collaborators, director Robert Wilson’s exquisitely visual theater can get lyrical, abrasive, or dreamy. Shakespeare’s Sonnets, Wilson’s acclaimed 2009 staging, has an especially high-voltage creative team: poetry by William Shakespeare, music by Rufus Wainwright, and acting by Germany’s historic Berliner Ensemble. To celebrate the fourth centennial of the sonnets’ publication, dramaturg Jutta Ferbers selected 25 poems from 154 in the canon; Wainwright created an original score that ranges from cabaret to rock, classical, and medieval music. Famously, some of the Bard’s poems express desire for men as well as for women. Wilson extends that fluidity on stage, where women play the male characters and men perform as women. That should make for a sublimely re-gendered reverie of cupids, queens, and “Dark Ladies.”



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