This is the way we were, and the way we are, and the way we will be. And we are fools if we think we can separate any of these versions from the others.

A profound emotional grammar operates in “Scenes From a Marriage,” Ivo van Hove’s inspired reimagining of Ingmar Bergman’s landmark television mini-series from 1973. Past, present and future selves haunt one another relentlessly in this resonant dissection of a single, mutating relationship, which opened on Monday night at New York Theater Workshop.

As you listen to the first of many conversations between this play’s uneasily and inextricably linked central characters, Johan and Marianne, you’ll hear other voices — which are their voices, too — out of the corner of your ear. You start to realize that you’re caught in an echo chamber where everything that’s said is underscored by ghostly shouts and murmurs spoken in another time, another place, by these same people.

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