(Charles Isherwood’s article appeared in The New York Times, 9/10.)

In one of the sharpest scenes in “Bootycandy,” Robert O’Hara’s searing and sensationally funny comedy about the sometimes poisonous attitude toward homosexuality in black culture, an adolescent boy hesitantly tells his mother and stepfather that a man tried to follow him home from the library.

The reaction isn’t the concern and outrage we expect, to say the least.

“What was you doing?” his mother suspiciously demands.

Reading a book, comes the meek answer.

“You was just sitting up in a library reading a book, and some man got up and decided to try to follow you home?” she says scornfully.

His stepfather, vaguely hearing this conversation, barely looks up from his paper to mutter his own comment: “You need to take up some sports.”


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