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"EXPECTING" (formerly "Gus"), the feature film playwright Jessie McCormack wrote/directed/produced, is now available nationwide on VOD and various digital platforms (see info below). Although the film will have foreign distribution, renting digitally is currently the best way to see the movie.

If you live in the LOS ANGELES AREA OR KNOW SOMEONE WHO DOES, the movie will be opening at the Laemmle Music Hall theater in Beverly Hills on DECEMBER 6th.

“This is a very small, independent film and we really need your support!! Please help spread the word!! Thank you, kindly.” – Jessie McCormack

Info: Cable VOD means the film is available to rent via download through your cable or satellite provider. Each provider has a slightly different channel/interface, but in each instance there’s a dedicated channel on your TV for “Movies On Demand” where a mix of studio and independent titles are sortable alphabetically, by genre, and in our case in a branded “Tribeca Film” folder that really helps our content stand out from the pack. In many cases there’s actually a button on your remote that takes you directly to the On Demand channel.

How to see it DIGITALLY:

Digitally, the film will be available on iTunes, Amazon Watch Instantly, Vudu and Google Play/Youtube Rentals. Each of these platforms basically function just like cable VOD, but you don’t need a cable subscription to access them – anyone with an internet connection can sign in and stream them or download a 48-hour rental file.

“EXPECTING” will eventually be available to rent on NETFLIX (but please don't wait that long!)

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