(Cameron Woodhead’s article appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, 11/10.)

From the moment you step into the theatre, it's clear you're in for something special. I don't want to spoil the surprise of Marg Horwell's camp and colourful set design but it's one of her best.

Summertime in the Garden of Eden is a trashy subversion of melodrama in the Civil War South. It is set on a plantation in Georgia, where a former Southern belle returns a decade after running away. Honey Sue Washington (Olympia Bukkakis) saw something she wasn't supposed to see in Big Daddy's greenhouse all those years ago, and during her adventures has piled up secrets of her own.

Meanwhile, her sister Daisy May (Agent Cleave) is engaged to a gallant young officer (or is he?). Machinations and reversals fly as the downtrodden house-slave Mammy looks on.

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