(Lyn Gardner’s article appeared in the Guardian, 2/28.)

Hell isn't just other people: it's backstage in this new version of the story of the scholar who sold his soul to the devil. Here, the third and fourth acts of Christopher Marlowe's 16th-century play – long suspected not to have been written by Marlowe – are replaced by new scenes written by Colin Teevan, which update the satire and place Faustus in our own world of avarice and celebrity. Faustus isn't the only one selling his soul: bankers and media moguls casually sign on

Times are certainly changing at West Yorkshire Playhouse, where this co-production with the Citizens theatre in Glasgow heralds the start of James Brining's influence as artistic director. There is so much that is distinctive and interesting in Dominic Hill's Faustus that you are prepared to forgive the moments when it drags (particularly in the first half), or the unevenness of a production that still displays signs of uncertainty in some of its performances and stagecraft.


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