Stage Voices’ continued interest in all-out, all things O’Neill takes us to the work of Jo Morello. Currently, she is readying her play on the Nobelist for a reading on June 2 with the Reston Community Players in Herndon, Virginia. A lifelong writer, Jo operates a small public relations agency in Sarasota. She also is the editor of the Eugene O’Neill Society Newsletter and board member of the Eugene O’Neill Society.   

Jo Morello became a playwright in response to a challenge from her husband, playwright Jack Gilhooley. He believed she could combine her talent . . . with her three-year experience as managing director of a summer stock theatre company to create new work for the stage. He was right: She won two national contests with her first attempt and has continued to produce winning scripts ever since.

She has also drawn on her playwriting knowledge to create feature articles in the media including “O’Neill, Lost and Found,” American Theatre magazine, December 2011, p. 14; “Before Breakfast: The Journey of a Minor Play, Eugene O’Neill Society Newsletter, November 2011, pp. 29-30; and “From the Ashes: Yale University to print more than half-century old play,” Syracuse Daily Orange, Syracuse University, November 2, 2011 (interviewed by contributing writer Andrew Muckell).

Jo’s plays have been winners or finalists of dozens of competitions including three individual Artist Fellowships and three Artist Enhancement Grants from Florida's Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs; the Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center Young People's Drama Project; two Choate Rosemary Hall Discovery contests; and the Beverly Hills Theatre Guild Children’s Theatre competition.

Among Jo’s plays are full-length dramas, comedies, plays with music, historical plays and one-act, intergenerational plays for families and young audiences. Her newest play, MA, MOONFLOWERS & ME, is subtitled “A Comedy For People Old Enough To Know Better.” Jo has written this family-friendly, full-length comedy primarily for mature actors and older audiences. She is also adapting this stage play for the screen.

Other recent dramatic activity includes the Dallas Hub Theater’s production of THE CRASH AT CRUSH, Jo’s historical play with music, and the selection of her murder mystery, DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL (then titled THE MARKHAM MYSTERY) by Southern Appalachian Repertory Theatre (SART) for its 28th Annual SCRIPTFest.

Jo is a member of Dramatists Guild and the American Association of Community Theatres.

Visit Jo Morello’s Web site: http://www.jomorello.com/index.php

Visit the Web site of the Reston Community Players: http://restonplayers.org/

The above bio is from Jo Morello’s Web site.

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