(Ben Brantley’s article appeared 11/3 in The New York Times.)

All family reunions should be this satisfying. Having spent months apart and suffered losses that might have leveled a less resilient clan, the Wyeths of “Other Desert Cities” have reassembled on Broadway at the Booth Theater, and absence and adversity (as they’re supposed to but so seldom do) have made them closer than ever. This means they have even more power to nurture, delight and wound one another and, not incidentally, move to tears anyone who visits them. 

There was much rejoicing when this Jon Robin Baitz play had its premiere Off Broadway at Lincoln Center in January. It was not only the most thoroughly integrated and sustained work from Mr. Baitz, who had been regarded as a promising wunderkind for long past his sell-by date. This witty, deeply enjoyable family drama also had a five-member cast of top-flight virtuosos. Expectations were that the show would beat a fast path to Broadway with its marvelous cast intact. 


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