(David Cote’s article appeared in Time Out New York, 8/23.)

Over the years the Atlantic Theater Company has been New York’s vital link to the best new English plays. For every Jerusalem or History Boys that makes a splash on Broadway, the Atlantic produces several major stateside debuts, such as Mojo, Blue/Orange and Gabriel. Its latest introduction is Simon Stephens, whose gripping, resonant Bluebird, starring Simon Russell Beale, is getting a superb production at the intimate Stage 2. The play itself is not recent (having premiered at the Royal Court Upstairs 13 years ago), but most New Yorkers probably haven’t seen Stephens’s work before—excepting, perhaps, a piece in last year’s The Great Game: Afghanistan.


(The work of Simon Stephens is included in 'Acts of War: Iraq and Afghanistan in Seven Plays' from Northwestern University Press–above.) 

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