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David Korins and Oskar Eustis


When Oskar Eustis reveals the secret to directing a successful theatrical production, as he does in the following interview with David Korins, it’s worth listening. Eustis has been directing for 35 years, most recently as artistic director of the downtown New York theater The Public. Korins is arguably the most surprising and unforgettable set designer today, and is Eustis’s frequent collaborator. They have recently worked together on Passing Strange and Why Torture Is Wrong at The Public, as well as on Hamlet at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park. The Public, as Eustis puts it, is a “theater with a mission,” but sometimes Eustis sees an opportunity to take its productions to Broadway’s bigger stage, Passing Strange being a recent example. Korins’s set designs make the transition, too, and here the pair reveals how process makes perfect.



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