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Our next Playwright Purge is starting Monday, January 4th! 

What’s a Purge?  Basically we’re trying to write every day for 30 days, just as a Binge is trying to submit every day for 30 days.  The name Purge is just a bad pun, reflecting its companion-like status to the Playwright Binge, and no offense is intended. 

There are really no rules, beyond attempting to write SOMETHING every day for 30 days.  You can, if you want, write a word a day, and you’d end up with, say, a nice tight 30 word bio for use with your plays.  But you may want to shoot a little higher.  Also, you don’t have to work on a play.  Most of us are, of course, but feel free to work on whatever you want to. 

Every day (if you want), just post how much you wrote, and/or your experience struggling with writing every day, and/or encouragement for others.  That way we all support each other. 

We’re starting January 4th, and ending February 2nd (I think that’s 30 days).  The only purpose of this is to GET OURSELVES WRITING EVERY DAY!  I’ve noticed that after a Binge, I’m submitting more often.  Hopefully, after the Purge, we’ll find ourselves writing more often, too. 

Everyone in the Binge is invited.  If you want to join, just go to:


And click “Join.”  It’ll send me a message, and I’ll approve you, and you’re in!  (I do this to keep out the spammers.) 

Happy Purging! 

–Mark Harvey Levine



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