(Alexis Soloski's article appeared in the Village Voice, 12/1.) 

A Little Chandler, a Little Lewis and Clark in 13P's American Treasure

Like an menacing episode of Antiques Roadshow, Julia Jarcho's American Treasure examines the relics of U.S. history and reveals a past both perverted and preserved. The play, produced by 13P, imagines a buckskinned return of the repressed, a world in which wronged Native Americans exact brutal retribution. The play centers on Hort Cage (Aaron Landsman), "a history detective," and the drifter (Jenny Seastone Stern) who hires him to discover who scalped her sister. The plot eventually encompasses a mysterious creature called the "Hauntus," events at the Smithsonian, and a cabal composed of Pa Ingalls, Lewis and Clark, and Jerry Bruckheimer.


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(Julia Jarcho's work is included in One On One:  The Best Women's Monologues for the 21st Century from Applause Theatre and Cinema Books.)


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