(Ben Brantley's article appeared in the New York Times, October 5.)

Just Me and My Celebrity Shadows

You have probably wondered what it would be like to walk a mile (or a light-year) in the hair coils of Princess Leia, the intergalactic pinup girl from the original “Star Wars” movies. O.K., so you haven’t.

But Carrie Fisher has arrived on Broadway with the intention of clamping those unflattering Danish-pastry-shaped pieces right onto your head — I mean, figuratively, of course, though in the case of one (un)lucky selected audience member per show, literally. What’s more, you’re going to like it. A lot.

Ms. Fisher — an actress, writer and sometime heroine of the tabloids — is the creator and cast of “Wishful Drinking,” the brut-dry, deeply funny memoir of a show that opened on Sunday night at Studio 54, directed by Tony Taccone. And for her first-act finale, she surrounds herself with images of merchandise inspired by Princess Leia, a role she created for George Lucas’s box-office-breaking “Star Wars” trilogy when she was in her early 20s.

So there, coming into focus like the last merciless visions of a drowning science-fiction geek, are projected giant photographs of the Princess Leia action figure, the Princess Leia Pez dispenser, the soap bar, the shampoo bottle, the too-anatomically-correct porcelain figurine and — my goodness — the life-size Princess Leia sex doll.


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