(Jonathan Padget's article appeared in The Washington Post, August 28.  Jim Brochu–a friend of Stage Voices–will be bringing his show–directed by Piper Laurie–Off-Broadway after its D.C. run. Among many credits for both, Brochu is the author of 'Lucy in the Afternoon'; Laurie was nominated for an Oscar as the mother in 'Carrie'. Visit http://www.jimbrochu.com/ to find out more.) 

'Zero': A Sum Of Many Parts

When writer and actor Jim Brochu picks up the phone at his home in Los Angeles, he is eager to share some good news.

He has just learned that "Zero Hour," his one-man play about the late, larger-than-life actor Zero Mostel, which opens Saturday at Theater J, has been picked up for an off-Broadway run in the fall.

But there's bad news, too: Brochu has picked up something else — an annoying cold.

Yet even the misfortune has an upside. "I think I caught the cold from Topol!" he says gleefully.

Brochu explains that he met Chaim Topol after a recent performance of "Fiddler on the Roof," the musical in which Topol has toured extensively in the decades since winning the role of Tevye — originated by Mostel on Broadway in 1964 — when the hit show was adapted for the screen.

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For Tickets in Washington, D.C.: http://washingtondcjcc.org/center-for-arts/theater-j/on-stage/09-10-season/zero-hour/tj-zero-hour-home-page.html


August 29–September 27

Written & Performed by Jim Brochu  
Directed by Piper Laurie

Channeling Zero Mostel’s wild moods, crazy humor and righteous anger, Jim Brochu reintroduces us to this funny, fantastically contrary man whose penchant for truth-telling has been sorely missed.

Zero Hour Awards and Accolades

– "1 of 10 best plays of 2008"  Florida Sun Sentinel

– Winner of 2006 Los Angelos Ovation Award

– "Brochu captures the all-important wild-eyed look and the actor's idiosyncratic outbursts are fully credible."  Theatremania. Com 

– "It takes a big man to fill the shoes of the late Zero Mostel and Jim Brochu slips into those loafers perfectly in "Zero Hour," his brilliant portrayal of the Broadway titan."  The Desert Sun

–  “Embodies the flamboyance, mood swings and dead-on comic timing of this legendary yockmeister” – Variety
– “Captures Mostel's rich contradictions in a loving but unvarnished homage as entertaining as the man himself. Jim Brochu seems almost fatefully destined to play Mostel” – LA Times

About Jim Brochu 

"Brochu has brought back to us the memory of a volcano that was thought to be extinct!" –Theodore Bikel 

Jim Brochu is an actor, writer, director, and playwright. Brochu's acting career has taken him to regional stages all over the United States, including the Washington Theatre Club, the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta, two seasons at the Goodspeed Opera House and at the legendary Café DejaVu in Los Angeles. He is the co-writer of the hit musicals The Last Session and The Big Voice: God or Merman?.  A friend of Lucille Ball, he is known as the author of the unauthorized biography Lucy in the Afternoon, and in this capacity, appeared on an episode of MythBusters.

From a Post Raisin Bran Raisin to playwright to actor…Jim Brochu is a man of many talents with a long and glorious resume to show for it. 

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